Megnajet’s fluid relationship delivers for engineered printing solutions

The winning combination of high-quality, reliability and innovation has made Megnajet’s fluid management systems the continued choice for custom industrial inkjet systems manufacturer Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS).

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The close, collaborative partnership between the two companies has seen a succession of Megnajet’s reliable and versatile fluid management systems used by EPS in the building of their bespoke high speed single pass inkjet machines.

Based in East Dorset, Vermont in the US, EPS has been manufacturing unique machines to print on a wide variety of products and goods. From single-colour to full-process artwork, industrial equipment to consumer goods, medical devices to automotive parts, EPS collaborates with its partners to build unique print solutions – and reliability and consistency are therefore key.

Initially the business built its own fluid management system, however as customer demands became more complex, it was clear that a dedicated resource was needed.   

EPS chose to utilise Megnajet’s expertise in fluid management systems within its custom-built machine solutions. The ability to handle multiple fluids at high volume within a compact footprint has supported the growth of EPS’s high-speed, single-pass inkjet and direct-to-shape print solutions.

The business uses a variety of Megnajet products including the HV HFR and CIMS range. Alongside reliability, innovation is also key to the collaboration and Megnajet’s latest products including the Labjet and RackFit are proving of great interest.

Megnajet fluid management systems: CIMS II at EPS
Megnajet fluid management systems: CIMS II at EPS

Megnajet’s RackFit is a high-quality, compact fluid management system designed to be rack mounted for ease of integration and scalability. It’s ‘blade’ configuration allows customers to stack multiple units side-by-side to create the ultimate compact fluid management engine.

Ken Tyler, National Sales Manager, Strategic Accounts at EPS said: “We build custom, high-speed, printers that are driven by each client’s unique application and having a reliable fluid management system is crucial to every machine built.

“Megnajet’s products deliver the quality and consistency we need and the collaborative relationship we have had since the very start makes them ideal for use across the huge range of our partners’ print applications.”

The two companies take pride in their longstanding partnership and since becoming sister companies, as both are now part of the Xaar Group, have seen collaboration increase and success continue.

“Working in partnership has always been ingrained in the collaborative approach we have had,” said Adam Eaton, Engineering Manager at Megnajet.

“EPS has been instrumental to our growth and now as sister companies, the relationship has developed with a focus on innovation – ensuring we continue to deliver the fluid management systems that the latest inkjet print applications require.”

Demand for inkjet is increasing significantly in print applications, driven by new printhead and fluid developments. High viscosity is opening new avenues and taking inkjet beyond single colour and basic CMYK print applications.

“As inkjet becomes more advanced, it is taking over from traditional print techniques,” said Ken Tyler. “Our clients are wanting a wider colour gamut, metallics and neons alongside topographical print features as part of their custom solutions and fluid management systems are therefore even more critical in delivering the results required. “As you put down more ink, consistency is even more important and with Megnajet’s systems integrated as part of our EPS print solutions we can deliver the quality and innovation that brand owners want to see.”

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