Meevo sewing machine for Hollywood Monster

Wide-format printing, signage and graphics specialist Hollywood Monster has purchased a new Meevo MX Event with Silicone Edge Automated Stitching (SEAS) sewing machine from Soyang Hardware.

They say it has significantly enhanced its finishing capabilities and helped speed up production. 

The Birmingham-based company settled on the Meevo SEAS machine after seeing it in action at the PRINTING United Expo in the US in October last year. They decided to invest immediately and took delivery of the device a few weeks later with the support of Soyang Hardware, an approved UK provider of Meevo SEG Keder sewing machines.

Meevo sewing machine, SEAS
Hollywood Monster CEO Simon McKenzie shaking hands on the deal for the Meevo SEAS machine from Soyang.

“We invested in this machine as we believe it will undoubtedly assist us in evolving our business,” said Mat Jephcott, Group Operations Director at Hollywood Monster. “It will allow us to look beyond our renowned delivery to the exhibition and hospitality industry, and we will be able to expand our relationship within the retail industry by supplying new and cost-effective solutions.”

“Meevo is a trusted brand in the industry, and this particular machine ticked all the boxes matching the specifications we were looking for. Customised to only stitch silicone, it gives the attention to detail our customers are used to receiving from us, giving a perfect finish.”

Mat went on to say, “We have built a strong and long-lasting relationship with Soyang due to the excellent quality of their products and their reliable service. Building good relationships with our suppliers is crucial for our business.”

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