Make Sustainability Happen

Last week Eye on Display reported from a Make Sustainability Happen boot camp training session. 
Helen Johnson of IS Group, a specialist sign-maker based in Flintshire, North Wales, has also shared her thoughts of how being part of this event has influenced her thinking around sustainability
Sustainability Boot Camp certificate in pride of place.
Being a member of the Make Sustainability Happen Boot Camp Trained Network enables sharing of knowledge and ideas.
A Thoughtful Signage Promise from Helen 

The definition of thoughtful is showing consideration of other people’s needs and being well informed on a topic before making a decision or forming an opinion. Being the well-rounded human you are, I know you love the idea of being thoughtful as much as I do, you incredible person. Which brings me onto greener signage or if I use the ‘S’ word Sustainable signage. I have to be honest, I am not yet comfortable with the words Sustainable Signage.

Why? Because so much is still being figured out and ‘greenwashing’ can convey a false impression. You won’t get that from me. I do however love the idea of thoughtful signage and will make a promise to you.

What does that promise look like?
  • PRIVY Keeping myself and therefore you informed on all available, alternative materials on the market with no nonsense suggestions and facts to help you make informed choices in a step to becoming eco-friendly.
  • RECYCLED Helping you to understand the difference between recycled and recyclable in material terms.
  • OFFERING signage that’s built to last to reduce the need to replace too often. Have you considered what your short life signage is manufactured from?
  • ‘MAKE Sustainability Happen’ Actively participating in a new network for signage companies. I am now a trained network member and participate in regular discussion.
  • INFORM you on end of life recycling
  • SCRUTINY Continuously reviewing our internal operations and making eco-friendly choices where possible
  • EVOLVE As more is known and understood I will evolve as a professional and keep you and my company informed so we can move forward together.

I will help you make thoughtful choices to protect our environment and future generations. After all every great journey began with a single step.

Who’s coming with me?

To book a place at further Sustainability Boot Camps, visit

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