MacroArt turns the streets of Soho into a reusable gallery

MacroArt has installed a large-scale interchangeable art frieze and banner graphics to turn the alleys and streets around Soho’s The Photographers’ Gallery into a permanent new art gallery.

The latest display, contemporary photographer Gideon Mendel’s ‘Fire / Flood’ project, is one of two exhibitions a year presented by the gallery, utilising MacroArt’s reusable graphic structures.

On winning the iconic project, placemaking and event specialists Field & Lawn appointed MacroArt to meet the challenges in producing and installing the complex permanent and reusable 45m x 8.5m frame on a building opposite the Gallery.

Working closely with Field & Lawn throughout the process, MacroArt’s Senior Project Manager, Andrew Conway, and his team devised a bespoke free-standing structure that covered the building façade, using the latest aluminium frame and high-impact print and lighting technology.

After a full survey, brackets and lighting troughs were manufactured, and framework sections were produced by MacroArt to Field & Lawn’s specifications to secure the impressive graphics, which were printed as a single element on MacroArt’s Durst 5m wide printer.

In all, over 200m2 of graphics was produced for the display, using PVC-free materials to enhance the overall sustainability of the project. The uniquely designed, tailor-made unobtrusive aluminium frame stands proud of the building, providing a seamless, reusable, and elegant display for the work whilst providing sufficient room for venting, service electrics and lighting.

In a complex but efficient collaboration between Field & Lawn, MacroArt and third parties, including project architects (Andreas Lechthaler Architecture), lighting suppliers and local government departments, the framework, ancillary lighting and the initial single-piece graphic were installed in just eight days.

The four-strong MacroArt team installed all project elements, with the biggest challenge being affixing the single-piece main banner to the frame.

Andrew commented, “We are so excited to be working with The Photographers’ Gallery once again. Collaborating closely with Field & Lawn throughout the process, we installed large-scale graphics down several alleys and streets, transforming them into an outdoor gallery space. The result has been well received by Field & Lawn and the gallery, and the artist is also very impressed with the quality.”

Rebecca Crofton, Senior Project Manager at Field & Lawn, added, “This was a challenging project, requiring in-depth attention to the technical detail, combining complex fitting requirements and very large graphics. We were delighted with the quality and professional service that Andrew and his team at MacroArt provide. We look forward to continuing to work with them as our exhibitions grow and evolve.

“The results speak for themselves, and The Photographers’ Gallery and the surrounding streets are the perfect space to showcase free displays for the public in a highly impactful and visual way.”

Images courtesy of and © Kate Elliott Photography

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