MacroArt touchdown in Germany with stunning Kansas City Chiefs boat wrap

The boat – named ChampionShip – was wrapped by MacroArt in vibrant red and gold vinyl.

Ahead of the 2023 NFL Frankfurt Games, award-winning branded environments expert MacroArt has successfully wrapped a boat – named the ChampionShip – in vibrant red and gold vinyl, matching the iconic colours of the defending Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs.

To celebrate the Chiefs’ November clash against the Miami Dolphins in Frankfurt, Germany, the MacroArt team collaborated with American signage company bluemedia to deliver the stunning sailing showstopper.

Planning for the project spanned multiple locations across the world, from Kansas City to Pheonix, Arizona, to St. Neots, to Arnhem, Holland, and finally to Frankfurt. A true testament to global collaboration!


Packing up a van with materials, the MacroArt international crew of 10 embarked on an eight-hour trip from their St. Neots headquarters all the way over to Frankfurt to transport the necessary materials and begin the three-day install.

Travelling to the site was not the only challenge. Adding complexity to the process was the boat being in the water during the installation. This meant the install crew required floating access equipment to help them gain access to all the boat’s hard-to-reach places.

Furthermore, the unique structure of the ship and the limited time available for surveying posed additional hurdles. MacroArt measured as much as possible within the given time constraints and worked closely with the bluemedia and Kansas City Chiefs’ designer to ensure that the artwork could be seamlessly integrated onto the boat.

The decision to cover the entire boat in red pre-coloured vinyl facilitated the process of fitting individual assets seamlessly. MacroArt was fully prepared with spare prints just in case of any unexpected setbacks, involving some challenging installation conditions with the wind and rain.

With no flexibility on the completion deadline, the team had to adapt. The boat was positioned under a bridge for protection from the heavy rainfall while the MacroArt team fitted the 1,500 square meters of self-adhesive vinyl, as well as Kansas City branded flags which adorned the vessel.

MacroArt Account Director, Tom Jackson, said: “Our goal was to deliver world-class branding for the Kansas City Chiefs. The project required unwavering commitment and adaptability. Through our close collaboration with bluemedia and the Kansas City Chiefs, we were able to make this project a tremendous success.”

The project between MacroArt and bluemedia exemplified the power of international teamwork. Initially stemming from bluemedia’s relationship with the Chiefs in the USA, MacroArt’s involvement brought the project to fruition in Europe through its branding expertise.

R.J. Orr, EVP and Partner of bluemedia, expressed his enthusiasm for the project: “The partnership between bluemedia and MacroArt has proven to be a tremendous success, underscoring the exceptional teamwork that went into this project. Being responsible for the branding of a globally recognised sports brand is a big responsibility – but that is where MacroArt thrive.”

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