M-Two Recruitment helps boost Moss UK sales team

Chris Page has joined Moss UK as Business Development Manager, thanks to recruitment at M-Two

Chris Page, Moss UK, Business Development Manager
Chris Page, Moss UK, Business Development Manager

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Following the takeover and rebranding of Macroart to Moss UK earlier this year, the company is looking to grow the business and its team. So when Matt Hanley recommended someone with experience in the industry and a good track record, Moss was keen to learn more.

Matt Phipps, Display Solutions Specialist, at Moss UK, says, “Chris is a great fit for us. We wanted someone who knew the business and hit the ground running. We could see that Chris has all the right credentials, skills and motivation to be a big success for us. He is a natural salesman and is very keen to get stuck in. He only joined this week and already has his first sale.”

Matt was keen to emphasise the value that working with Matt Hanley brings to Moss. “Matt placed me with Macroart ten years ago, and we have worked with him ever since. He really understands our company and ethos, which means he identifies and recommends people that are more likely to be a good fit for us.”

He adds, “Good recruitment requires a high degree of honesty because we are dealing with people’s livelihoods. We trust that when Matt introduces us to a candidate, he will do it because he thinks they are right for us and we are right for them. You can’t get this right every time, but he does more often than not.”

Matt Hanley says, “I’ve worked with Moss for 10 years, placing some talented people in several positions, including logistics manager, production people, project managers and salespeople. Our relationship has grown and developed, and we have developed a good understanding of the type of person who are a good fit for them. It’s great that Moss trusts me to find people who are more likely to flourish and succeed in the great working environment they provide.”

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