LTS Lichtkanal products now eligible for BEG funding

LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH has improved its Lichtkanal products with a complete, energy-efficient makeover. Lichtkanal 060 and 070 are now eligible for funding through the Federal Grant Programme for Efficient Buildings (BEG).

Lichtkanal 060 and Lichtkanal 070 are now BEG eligible

All light inserts and essential illumination elements of Lichtkanal 060 and 070 have been updated in line with the company’s sustainability strategy. Their products are continuously reviewed, checked and improved to increase efficiency.

The Research and Development department of LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH says it has optimised almost everything on the Lichtkanal. All components from the housing through the control unit to light technology, are professionally and skilfully integrated. To achieve this higher efficiency, LTS has put Lichtkanal to the test for their customers and made adjustments wherever possible. The latest Lichtkanal solutions are even more powerful and feature the lowest power consumption of any previous LTS Lichtkanal product.

Another exxample of LTS’ lighting solutions. The LTS Lichtkanäle’s light line brings out the architecture’s shapes.

LTS light channel expert and product manager David Meßmer, says, “There are hardly any visible changes to these products, but there are many invisible ones. We have made a complete internal upgrade, featuring the most innovative technology. This means that in all 060 and 070 Lichtkanäl products, the light inserts have been completely redesigned, raw materials have been reduced, and efficiency has been significantly increased. All in all, a fundamental further development in terms of sustainability. This serves to achieve better luminous efficacy with less power consumption.”

Product Improvements

The light inserts of the Lichtkanal model range have been equipped with a new-generation converter. All listed Lichtkanal products are now DALI-capable, which gives customers maximum flexibility in how to use the product. Dimming is now standard and as well as higher efficiency, which has a positive impact on power consumption, the converters have a long service life and zero maintenance. This helps to save running costs while maintaining excellent light quality.

A new film for contact protection and light mixing is now used in all linear light inserts, which improves efficiency thanks to its higher transparency. It is also possible to integrate the film to produce a seamless and uninterrupted light pattern.

Opal transparency for radiant efficiency

Lichtkanal 070 has been given new acrylic glass covers, which are much more efficient thanks to their material mix. The structure of the microprismatic covers is directly imprinted on the material, which helps improve efficiency and save resources. The new covers help maximise the light output with the highest homogeneous illumination possible.

Maren Breitenberger, Head of Product Management and Marketing at LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH, adds,

“We are proud to herald a completely new era of energy-efficient Lichtkanäl products with our efficiency update. This is our solution for a sustainable future.”

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