Liyu UK welcomes the first visitors to its new Customer Experience Centre

Liyu UK has unveiled its new Customer Experience Centre, a state-of-the-art showroom and demonstration facility showcasing the wide and super-wide format UV printing technology.

Visitors can witness live demonstrations, explore the impressive machines, and learn about Liyu’s commitment to customer satisfaction, sustainability and growth

Liyu UK Customer Experience Centre showcasing advanced UV printing technology.
“This is an amazing space and far beyond anything I’ve seen before for a machine showroom," says Gordon Duff of Centurion Signs

Managing Director of Liyu UK, Eddie Tucker, explains why the company needed to move to new and larger premises, “We started up before Covid with a good showroom, which we thought would be enough for us. However, the Liyu range has exceeded our expectations for growth. We were getting more machines to promote, and lots more people wanted to come and see them. Our old showroom turned out to be far too small for us. We wanted to show customers what our really big printers and cutters could do, and for that, we needed more space and better facilities.”

He continues, “This site became available earlier this year, and we felt that it would be much better suited for properly presenting our very large machines. We have created a big, bright and open space for the machines, as well as meeting and training areas, and even a café. We are very excited to see how it will be received and how effective this will be in helping us promote these incredible machines.”

Liyu UK Customer Experience Centre showcasing advanced UV printing technology.
The first visitors to see the future of UV printing at Liyu UK's Customer Experience Centre.
The cafe area recreates a green, al fresco environment

The showroom welcomed its first visitors during the week of 11th June, and the response has been very positive. 

Gordon Duff, managing director of Centurion Signs, said,

“This is an amazing space and far beyond anything I’ve seen before for a machine showroom. The range of machines and the superior build quality of the Platinum Series far exceeded our expectations. The warm welcome and hospitality were on another level, we’ve never been treated like this before in a demo centre.”

Eddie adds, “This has been the response from everyone that has been in so far. I’m delighted because this is an important investment for us, and I believe it will be a very successful one.”

The new Centre puts Liyu UK in a great position to achieve the ambitious goals of the Liyu Group. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Liyu aims to achieve significant growth by properly meeting customer requirements. Eddie explains, “A key factor in the cost of these machines lies in the printheads, which directly impacts their speed. The Liyu approach enables customers to start with a single printhead, in line with their initial requirements and budget. As their business and production requirement grow and financial capacity increases, customers can seamlessly expand their printing capabilities by adding additional printheads.”

Eddie concludes, “Our team is passionate about helping customers make informed decisions and find the perfect printing solutions for their specific needs. We look forward to welcoming visitors and sharing the limitless possibilities of Liyu’s advanced technology.”

The Liyu UK Customer Experience Centre is now open to visitors by appointment. To schedule your visit, contact Liyu UK on

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