Kavalan video targets water waste in textile signage

KAVALAN’s ‘Pledge for the Planet’ campaign turns its attention to water-intensive textile signage with hard-hitting new video

Imagine a world without freshwater.

A world without industry, without agriculture, and ultimately without life. That’s exactly the question Kavalan are asking its viewers to consider in its latest ground-breaking video for Moonlight River, Kavalan’s low water use replacement textile signage banner. By eliminating the dyeing and washing process during the production of its base fabric and combining Kavalan’s revolutionary PVC-free coating, River reduces its overall freshwater use by a staggering 67%. Global action and change are now absolute necessities to immediately reduce the use of our precious freshwater supplies and prevent the worsening of the global water crisis.

As an extension of Kavalan’s ‘Pledge for the Planet’ series, the video addresses the severity of the global water crisis and the impact that the wide-format industry has on freshwater reserves. Kavalan aims to reveal the sobering truth of the water crisis, as more than one billion people are currently without access to freshwater and known reserves of freshwater sources such as underground aquifers, rivers, and lakes will start to disappear by 2040.

Vincent Lin, Vice President, Taya Groups, comments:

“As much as we want to spread the word about Kavalan Moonlight River’s incredible innovation in the textile signage market, anyone who has been following Kavalan since our inception will know that educating and informing our audience about the severity of the climate crisis and the impact of our industry on the problem is at the heart of our philosophy.

“The truth is that most textiles are made in parts of the world where reliable industrial wastewater treatments are seldom found, and as a result, lakes and rivers become poisoned, worsening the global water crisis. This industrial behaviour cannot continue if we are to sustain our planet’s dwindling water supplies. As hard as it is to come to terms with the facts presented in this video, we are optimistic that if humanity implements resource reduction solutions now, we may still have a chance. We can’t solve everything, but we do have a solution to reducing the water-intensity of signage textile production: Kavalan Moonlight River.”

Watch the full video now: https://youtu.be/Br7br6U3JN8

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