Government heeds the IPIA’s call for engagement

Following its recent meeting with Special Advisors to the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at No10 Downing Street, the Government has delivered on a key strategic support request from the IPIA

IPIA Chair, Charles Rogers, met Deputy Prime Minister, MP Oliver Dowden, at a Business Leaders Reception at No. 10 Downing Street

Oliver Dowden MP, Deputy PM with Charles Rogers, IPIA Chair

IPIA Chair, Charles Rogers, was invited to attend an event hosted by the Deputy Prime Minister, MP Oliver Dowden, to represent the UK print industry at a special Business Leaders Reception at No10. The invitation form’s part of a proactive response from Government to the IPIA’s formal request for the, “Identification of UK print and paper as ‘industries of strategic value’ to our economy.”

Charles comments: “It’s hugely encouraging for our industry that I was invited to attend an event designed to foster collaboration between different sectors of the economy – demonstrating that print and paper is now firmly on the Government’s radar.

“The call for proactive engagement from Government with the sector at our previous meeting has been heeded. I am optimistic for the future as we continue to advocate for targeted support for our industry.”

Charles adds: “I was introduced to the Deputy Prime Minister, MP Oliver Dowden, who is now fully aware of the UK’s place as a global leader when it comes to innovation in printing processes and the production of print. He is also aware of its strategic importance to the multinational technology developers and media suppliers at the core of its supply chain.”

Advocating for the industry

Charles Rogers at the Business Leaders Reception

Charles Rogers, Chair of the IPIA, outside No 10.

Charles reports that the event was well attended by established business leaders and entrepreneurs from banking, healthcare, IT, construction, hospitality, and many other key industries.

Charles continues: “Our goal at the event was to impress on other guests the importance of print and paper to the UK economy and the health of its society, which was well received. One attendee told me they regularly bought print products online, and following our conversation, would be expanding his interests in this area. He also encouraged other attendees in our group to look to print as a valuable route to market.”

Charles concludes: “The environment at No10 does seem to focus minds on the importance of cross sector collaboration, while encouraging discussion on how we can work together to collectively grow the UK economy. The networking opportunities are also very apparent. A range of Special Advisors to Ministers attend – who proactively seek to engage attendees in conversation – so they can highlight information and trends that can be brought to the attention of senior policy makers.”

Since its formal meeting with Special Advisors to the Prime Minister, the IPIA has engaged closely with cross-sector body the Graphics and Print Media Alliance (GPMA). It is now in the process of canvassing its members for feedback that will shape the IPIA’s ongoing engagement with Government.

If you would like to feed into this process directly and highlight to the IPIA specific market challenges and trends – or have suggestions on the targeted support required from Government – please email

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