What does obscenity have to do with innovation and our great industry?

Insight into Innovation by Marcus Clifford

Marcus Clifford on print investment decision making.

I have long said that creating a culture and mindset of innovation across our sector is a bridge to more significant growth and harnessing the incredible energy of your team, facilitating a different script to engage with customers. I have also said why that such a culture is the platform for greater growth, and why it’s the transformational and energising elixir.

This is something both large and small that you can start and quickly gain the benefits from. I read a note recently about why I should attend a recent print-based show. It told me that, ‘it’s about sparking the creativity that leads to the next big innovations in the market’.

Yes, it is all about this, but it needs translating and applying properly. 

Businesses across the whole of our sector display some great innovative thinking and applications. We are a creative industry! But….. Why not make it a consistent process? Why not instil it across all your organisation and improve what you are already doing or get the process started? If already doing it, why not communicate it more effectively? Talking about it in your value proposition will help you to engage more effectively.

Innovation is one the biggest differentiators in a world characterised by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

I see many websites using the words, ‘we innovate,’ but I don’t see evidence innovation is being truly delivered. Yes, I throw the first punch on this but hear me out, because those who genuinely deliver innovation are occupying the high ground. You can occupy this ground as well! 

In the landmark 1964 court case of Jacobellis v Ohio over the content of a motion picture, Justice Potter Stewart was required to characterise what obscenity and hardcore pornography meant. He said, “It’s hard to define, but I know it when I see it.” However. in the case of  Innovation, it can be both defined and seen.

    • Instilling innovation is a process, it can be facilitated.

    • It aligns to creating a workplace of greater meaning and purpose and so links into greater well-being.

    • It creates greater competitive advantage.

    • It’s the glue that binds and engages customers.

    • It Turbo charges your business.

    • It involves and embraces everyone across your business.

There is a major issue surrounding the use of the word innovation. Its true scope can be limited because its definition is multifaceted. It means different things to different people. Innovation spans a spectrum, ranging from enhancements to existing products or processes to infrequent and groundbreaking disruptive innovation. Big ‘New things’ are great, but small incremental ‘New things’ are just as fantastic. Your team can create more.

Most business owners would agree that they want their business to be more innovative? In the language of business, ‘innovation’ has attained hierarchical elevated status, much like “customer-focused,” as it is considered a crucial strategic requirement.

So my question for all businesses is. ‘How can we create more innovative thinking across a broader range of people and translate this into powerful value propositions for our customers?’

How does innovation occur? 

Innovation occurs through a designed process of preparing and involving your team; preparing your environment; and preparing how you work together. To do this effectively and thoroughly, it makes sense to use an independent, expert facilitator (someone like me!) If you want innovation to take root in your company, you need to provide the right support and atmosphere.

Why take the full journey? Because the prize is worth it!

Innovation occurs when we collaborate internally and with customers to create something, or when we generate fresh value by integrating apparently unrelated elements or ideas in novel ways. It also involves transferring concepts from one environment to another and discovering new insights within patterns or anomalies. 

Innovative concepts seldom arise from a sudden “aha!” moment. Rather, they typically originate from unconventional thinking, a process that facilitates it, appreciation of everyone involved in the process and continuous learning. it’s about creating a meaningful impact resulting in greater profitability and consistent revenue streams. 

Marcus Clifford is a Business Coach, Business Progressor, Mentor and Consultant:- A Boosterologist! Connection Maker, Creative solutions thinker and Facilitator of good outcomes. Contact him on euedaimonic5@yahoo.com

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