ImagePerfect Takes Sustainability Strides

New ImagePerfect Evergreen materials range takes end-to-end approach to sustainabliity

Eco-friendly concept launches at FESPA Global Print Expo 2022

ImagePerfectT is taking a significant step forward for sustainability, with the launch of ImagePerfect EverGreen, a ground-breaking new portfolio of eco-friendly self-adhesive films, to add to its comprehensive range of materials for sign-makers and graphics producers.

Setting a new benchmark for environmentally responsible materials, ImagePerfect EverGreen offers a choice of products that do not compromise ease of application or performance, and come at a price comparable with conventional alternatives.

ImagePerfect EverGreen’s uniquely holistic environmental approach delivers a range that is not only PVC-free, but prioritises sustainability in all components of the product, including the surface film, adhesive and liner, as well as how the rolls are presented, protected and packaged.

Today, the ImagePerfect EverGreen range comprises eight digitally printable white films offering matt and gloss finishes with a range of adhesive systems (PerfectApply, permanent and high-tack), plus a printable clear laminate film. The printable films are consciously designed to be compatible with latex and UV digital printing technologies. The ImagePerfect EverGreen coloured signage range includes 22 different films, including black and white in gloss and matt finishes and 18 contemporary colours, with a bespoke colour matching service for specific one-off customer requirements.


Stefano Nigrone, CEO of ImagePerfect

Stefano Nigrone, CEO of ImagePerfect, comments: “Demand for environmentally responsible film choices is growing exponentially, with many end users seeking to reduce their reliance on PVC due to its very poor recyclability. However, until now, the market’s response has simply been to offer PVC-free products, without taking a broader view of product sustainability.”

He continues: “With the ImagePerfect EverGreen concept, we’ve taken a much more comprehensive approach to innovation, looking at all aspects of the end-to-end product lifecycle to offer a superior alternative that represents an environmental step-change for visual communications customers, while helping them to preserve healthy margins.”


ImagePerfect EverGreen products are 100% free of PVC and plasticiser, offering the well-documented environmental advantages of PVC-free products while retaining the handling characteristics, flexibility and durability of PVC films. The material used is polyolefin, which is free of toxins such as dioxins and furans and is readily recyclable into a range of consumer products.

In addition, the new range incorporates an advanced, water-based adhesive system that is 100% solvent-free but retains the excellent adhesive performance expected by customers for stability and durability of applications. This contrasts with the solvent-based adhesives used in the manufacture of many PVC-free products.

Environmental innovation also extends to ImagePerfect EverGreen’s specially sourced liner paper, a 100% recycled, FSC certified base paper with an LDPE (low-density, polyethylene) coating that is free of petro-chemicals. This special liner requires 60% less CO² to manufacture than a typical liner material.

The roll supports (core holders/end bungs) used for ImagePerfect EverGreen also offer a significant environmental and strength advantage compared with the conventional polypropylene roll supports used to deliver most film products. The IP EverGreen roll supports are manufactured using a granulate of FSC-accredited recycled paper and recycled LDPE, resulting in a 100% recyclable material.

Both the liner paper and roll support material used with ImagePerfect EverGreen are unique among products available in the graphics industry today. Consideration for the environment also extends to the biodegradable bags used to protect rolls of IP EverGreen in transit and storage.

Likewise, the boxes used to package IP EverGreen products are made from unbleached cardboard, manufactured from sustainable, FSC-certified sources. The boxes are specified to be fully fit for purpose without using plastic-based tapes, and they carry detailed recycling and/or disposal instructions for all the individual product components, helping customers to continue the IP EverGreen ethos right through to the end of the products’ life.

ImagePerfect EverGreen materials are coated and converted at the ImagePerfect manufacturing facility in Lancaster, UK, using raw materials from European producers to minimise carbon footprint.

Stefano Nigrone adds: “With ImagePerfect EverGreen, we’ve tried to consider every aspect of the product and to establish a new environmental best-practice benchmark in the visual communications sector. With this range, our customers can now satisfy their clients’ most exacting ‘green’ expectations. And our ambition is to steadily expand the portfolio with additional, high-performance 100% PVC-free products to ensure that, before too long, virtually any brief can be fulfilled with an IP EverGreen solution.”

ImagePerfect EverGreen is available from July 2022 from Spandex distribution companies in Europe, and from Autumn 2022 in Australia and USA. To maximise customers’ access to these environmentally advantageous products worldwide, they will also be sold by distributors outside the Spandex Group. Signmakers, graphic producers and distributors can experience IP EverGreen on the ImagePerfect stand (25-A65) at FESPA Global Print Expo 2022, Messe Berlin, 31st May – 3rd June.

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