HP Webinar Reveals Six Key Principles to Win with Sustainability in the Print Industry

HP is hosting a dedicated webinar titled ‘Six key principles on how to win with sustainability’ to empower print service providers (PSPs) with actionable insights on how an eco-conscious approach can drive business growth.

The webinar, taking place on June 28, will feature expert speakers from HP and sustainability specialists, providing valuable guidance on becoming more sustainable and the benefits it brings to both businesses and customers.

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Embrace sustainability to drive business growth in the print industry

HP has announced it is hosting the webinar, ‘Six key principles on how to win with sustainability,’ designed to help print service providers (PSPs) embrace sustainable practices and leverage them as a competitive advantage.

Taking place on 28 June at 10:00 BST (11:00 CET), the session will focus on the six steps that print companies can take to become more sustainable, as well as highlighting the various benefits that this will offer to their businesses and customers. The event will be held in English, with simultaneous translations into German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish.

Mariana Quelhas, Iberia Marketing Manager at HP, will introduce the session and map out some of the key takeaways for attendees. Steve Lister, Head of Sustainability for POPAI UK and Ireland, and Noëlle Peutat, Global Strategic Sustainability Lead at HP, will then lead sessions on sustainability and how it can be a differentiating factor for print businesses.

Attendees will learn about the six key principles which include product design, materials, supply chain, manufacturing, logistics and packaging, and end of use recycling. In addition, those in attendance will have the opportunity to raise queries about sustainable practices in print with experts during a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

“Sustainability is now a must for all businesses,” explains Noëlle Peutat, Global Strategic Sustainability Lead at HP. “We want to demonstrate to PSPs how they can win with sustainability and how it can be a differentiating factor for their customers.

“The webinar will help showcase how HP is the best partner to have on this journey, with those in attendance able to view examples of the initiatives HP has put in place to support PSPs in their quests to become more sustainable businesses.”

To find out more about the webinar and register to attend, please click here.


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