HP Latex 800W for Line Cut

The Israel-based high-quality printing company has used its new HP Latex 800W to take on more soft signage, printed textiles and interior décor work.

Israel-based high-quality print service provider Line Cut has hailed the impact of its new HP Latex 800W printer, revealing how the device, its first investment from HP, has allowed it to take on new work and gain customers in a number of significant growth markets.

Specialising in printing services for the movie and museum industries, Line Cut focuses on creating unique, eye-catching displays and signage that help its clients tell their stories and capture the attention of their audiences.

When Line Cut decided to strengthen its production portfolio with the addition of a new printer, the company considered a number of options, with the long-term aim of maintaining the high quality of output that the business is renowned for within its core markets.

While the company previously did not run HP machines, they saw the quality of output on the HP Latex 800W printer which convinced them to invest in the machine in December 2022, taking delivery of the new device shortly after.

The purchase was made through authorised HP reseller Microjuk Computers LTD, which also supplies consumables for the new machine. Line Cut are very satisfied with the service they have received.

“There are several reasons why we chose the HP Latex 800W printer,” explains Nir Yankov, Owner and CEO at Line Cut.

“First and foremost, we were impressed with its ability to consistently produce high-quality prints, especially with its added capability of white ink printing.

“We also appreciated its versatility, as it can print on a wide range of media including textiles and porous materials, which cannot be printed with UV-based inks. Additionally, we value the printer’s eco-friendliness, as its use of water-based inks results in a lower carbon footprint and a safer and more pleasant work environment.”

Despite having only been up and running a matter of months, the HP Latex 800W has already been put to work on a wide range of applications, including projects in key markets where Line Cut has been able to take on a number of new clients and grow its business as a result.

“The HP Latex 800W has helped us grow, diversify and succeed by enabling us to offer a wider range of services to our clients,” Nir Yankov continues. “Specifically, we have been able to take on more projects for soft signage, textiles and interior decor, which have been significant growth areas for our business. It has also helped us to attract new clients and move into new markets.

“The addition of white ink printing capability has also expanded our offerings. It has been a valuable asset in helping us to grow our services and attract new clients.”

To support the new HP Latex 800W, Line Cut has been running RIP software from Caldera, which Nir Yankov says has been the perfect complement to the machine and allowed the company to begin reaping the benefits of its new investment immediately. 

“Caldera RIP software has been an excellent addition to our printing process. Its intuitive interface and advanced features have helped us to optimise our workflow and further increase productivity.”

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