HP Releases White Paper on Industry Trends

HP analyses the most important trends in the wide-format print market

The world has changed, and printers need to keep up by producing a range of new and practical applications for their customers.

Printing businesses have a chance to push the boundaries of what’s possible with wide-format printing. It’s time to deliver more innovative, useful, and digitally enhanced products that help clients to meet their own customers’ demands.

Whether it is producing interior décor applications, or durable vehicle wraps that catch the eye of passers-by, there are several major trends that print service providers (PSPs) can capitalise on to help inspire their customers.

In a new article, free to download from The Print Hub, HP looks at how wide-format printing is set to make an impact on the world around us, and how PSPs can get involved with both innovative and practical applications.

Many businesses have seen the recent changes as an opportunity to pivot their offerings, and with that comes the need for a fresh look. With wide-format printed wallpapers, businesses can adopt these textured looks by applying inks onto a versatile range of substrates.

Wide-format printers also have an opportunity to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, offering their customers smart prints that can seamlessly interact with the technology they carry around with them every day.

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