Introducing the new HP Latex 2700

The latest printers to enter the large format arena are the HP Latex 2700 and 2700W.

These are 3.2m wide printers, one of which offers white ink.

Eye on Display takes a closer look at these new machines.

“To reach higher margins, PSPs are always on the hunt for efficiency gains and technology that allows them to say yes to more jobs with the confidence to deliver exceptional results,” said Daniel Martinez, General Manager, HP Large Format. “Our latest offerings are designed to enable this. The HP Latex 2700 family delivers increased print quality, raw speed and white ink capabilities that will amaze customers. Meanwhile, our new Professional Print Service Plans give PSPs a range of ways to manage fleets and operations – improving workflow and maximising the potential of their business.”

manyIn other words, this is a big, fast printer designed for businesses that produce a lot of print. Colour quality, even at the top speed of 89 sqmph, is suitable for many applications. These speeds are achieved using symmetrical double printheads, which come equipped with automatic printhead cleaning technology.

The aim is to enable users to take on high-margin jobs that demand a wide colour gamut at high speed. The printer preserves the gloss and the feel of media across a range of signage and décor applications – including thin films, vinyl and paper.

HP Latex printer
HP says the new Latex 2700 portfolio and HP Professional Print Service Plans can improve margins without compromising on sustainability

Why is White Ink Important?

Used effectively, white ink provides clearer prints because it can create much more accurate image outlines. This can be on coloured media and film, but can also be used on white media by being laid on top of other colours. Its opacity means it contrasts better with other colours and can create effects that no other colour can achieve.

While the benefits of using white ink are many, it is not so easy to deliver. If you happen to have an old tin of white paint in your garage, go and take a look at it. You will probably find that it has separated.

For best opacity, the pigments in white ink need to be three times larger and have twice as many pigments as coloured ink. But this also means they separate and settle more quickly. They can’t help it – they’re just obeying the laws of gravity. With coloured paint, a quick stir will restore the product to its useable state. But with white ink, once separated, the pigments are just too large to be restored to their useable form, no matter how much you stir it with a stick.

HP combats this with its automatic ink recirculation system. Its white printheads can be stored in an offline rotating chamber to eliminate waste between white jobs.

The HP Latex 2700W printer claims to offer the whitest white ink on the market at speeds of up to 54 m2/hr (581 ft²/hr), allowing PSPs to produce high-margin applications on pre-coloured and transparent media. 

What are the Sustainability credentials of the HP 2700 Latex?

All devices in the Latex 2700 series run on fourth generation HP Latex ink – bringing UL ECOLOGO® certification, while also meeting UL GREENGUARD GOLD and Toy Safety requirements. This allows PSPs to embrace jobs in even the most sensitive environments.

Additionally, the whole portfolio takes HP Eco-Carton – cardboard-based ink cartridges that reduce plastic by using 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard containers, as well as recycled plastics from HP’s closed-loop recycling process, including post-consumer beverage bottles and U-validated ocean-bound plastics.

In this video, we see why John Mark Ltd works with HP Latex and what they think of the new 2700. It’s a partnership that has seen the company become a leader in the wallpaper and wallcoverings market.

“With the investment in the HP Latex 2700, the increased white ink capabilities allow us the opportunity to go after so many new layers and finishes which offers us new techniques,” says John Mark Watson, MD of John Mark Ltd. “We have been blown away by the results we are getting and have been showing those to designers who have been impressed by the outcome. The new white ink changes the game and takes digital wallpaper printing into a whole different dimension.

“In the long term, we see that this will lead to a new trend in design, and it accelerates our position in offering quality digital printed wallcoverings. The machinery and the ink that HP supplies are not only eco-friendly but are leading in the market which also gives us a competitive edge.”

What are HP Professional Print Service Plans?

HP Professional Print Service Plans are designed to enable business agility, maximise uptime and productivity, and to provide learning opportunities and support.

PSPs have a choice of two different HP Professional Print Service Plans – Basic and Plus – with each containing a portfolio of service and software solutions tailored to business needs. New and enhanced features include:

  • Print Beat Live Production – giving users a single, real-time view of all jobs queued and in production across multiple sites. This helps monitor work, anticipate issues, and save precious time
  • Print Beat Jobs API – making printer data available to businesses’ external ERP/MIS systems. Monitor HP printers alongside non-HP hardware, automate processes and combine with other operational data for richer business insights
  • HP Learn – a digital learning platform with free and premium training modules depending on the service plan PSPs choose, allowing users to upskill and keep ahead of challenges
  • Enhanced HP Service Centre – proactive troubleshooting to improve uptime, including smart diagnostics that alert your service representative when action is needed


HP Professional Print Service Plans are compatible with the HP Stitch S1000 printer, HP Latex 700 and 800 Printer series (from Dec 2022), HP Latex R Printer series, HP Latex 1500 Printer, HP Latex 2700 Printer series, and HP Latex 3000 Printer series. Some services depend on printer, service contract, and regional availability. Visit for more information.

Is the HP 27000 Latex available to purchase?

The HP Latex 2700 portfolio was available in all major markets from October 19th 2022 with pricing available on request from local HP teams and partners.

HP Professional Print Service Plans were also available globally from October 19th 2022.

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