Hotly contested Exhibitions category at the UK Graphic Awards

Five companies are shortlisted for the Exhibitions category for one of the most coveted and hardest fought awards at the event.

Envision Media: Confex 2023

In March 2023, Envision was presented with an exciting challenge: to create a weird and wonderful exhibition stand for the International Confex Event at the London ExCel. The client, Grafit Display Hire, wanted a striking design centred around the theme of Willy Wonka to entice attendees to their stand.

The stand’s centrepiece was a design featuring blackback tension fabric and back-lit material, illuminated in vibrant purple and pink hues reminiscent of sweets. An eye-catching cylindrical structure mounted on top of the wall displayed a pick-n-mix style image and a cutout for a 50-inch TV to showcase their work through video.

To elevate the stand further, Envision added unique elements. A traditional counter was creatively designed to look like chocolate melting down the front with the logo cleverly placed. An information board resembling an ice cream cone wafer was illuminated on the sides.

The stand also featured two illuminated cube stacks, rotating at different heights, displaying 44 pieces of information to engage attendees and showcase Grafit’s capabilities.

The stand, dubbed “Grafit Bar,” got people talking and engaging with Grafit. To draw visitors, a competition offered a chance to win a golden ticket – a £500 Amazon Gift Voucher – by following Grafit’s social media accounts and participating in the draw.

After the event, Grafit reported great success. The stand generated several inquiries, established new business relationships, and led to new projects. We are proud of the final version and delighted to have satisfied another happy client.

The collaboration between Grafit Display Hire and our team resulted in an exhibition stand that stood out among hundreds of suppliers at the International Confex Event. Its unique Willy Wonka theme, innovative designs, and interactive elements captured the attention of attendees, making it a memorable and successful experience for Grafit.

GES: ICE London Entrance Feature

In February 2023, we had the honour of creating a remarkable entrance feature for Clarion Gaming’s ICE London, the world’s leading global gaming and gambling event held annually at ExCeL London. The challenge was to design a multi-functional feature that would serve various purposes while maintaining sustainability and visual appeal.

GES tackled the challenges by prioritising essential elements and employing innovative AMP frames – a lightweight, aluminium build system with click-and-fix construction. The AMP system provided numerous benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, energy efficiency, and ease of construction without the need for power tools.

To harmonise the sponsor’s graphics with the show branding, GES used right-angle shapes and brand colours, creating a visually striking and cohesive space that embraced the “Stronger Together” theme. Strategic placement of sponsor graphics maximised visibility and exposure.

Considering the limited space in the high-traffic boulevard area, GES utilised modular and adaptable AMP frames to seamlessly fit the feature into the designated location. Low-power lighting added to the welcoming ambience while reducing energy consumption. The choice of recyclable materials and reused frames aligned perfectly with the organiser’s sustainability goals and showcased the commitment to environmentally-friendly solutions.

“We are delighted with the registration at ICE this year; it looks nice and provides all the functionality required for a very busy registration area. GES’s modular AMP system proved to be a clean, sustainable, and on-brand solution for our event,” said Nadine Alizade, Feature Manager, ICE 2023.

Hollywood Monster: An Exhibition Out of this World

In May 2023, Hollywood Monster collaborated with Opus 3 Events to create an extraordinary exhibition stand for Markerstudy at the BIBA Conference. The challenge was to design a visually captivating display within a limited 10x10m space centred around a captivating ‘Space’ theme.

Embracing the theme, they crafted an immersive experience featuring 3D rockets, celestial star graphics, and an orbital structure. One standout feature was a rotating curved hanging flag banner that moved gracefully with the central ‘planets.’ They overcame challenges, ensuring the flag’s circular shape and vibrant night sky appearance.
Meticulously aligning different shapes within the stand and creatively addressing height restrictions for the rocket, we delivered a visually striking and cohesive environment.

The result was awe-inspiring. The dynamic visuals, including the hanging planets and eye-catching rocket, transformed the space into an immersive ‘Space’ experience. All materials used were PVC-free, aligned with Hollywood Monster’s commitment to sustainability.

This success stemmed from a strong partnership with Opus 3 Events, built over two decades. Together, they ensured flawless execution, working in harmony to bring their creative vision to life.

With an immersive ‘Space’ theme and sustainability at the core, the stand left a lasting impression on all attendees, firmly establishing its place among the stars of the conference.

Imageco: Capital ONE (With Pie Factory)

PIE Factory, a positive impact experiential agency, approached us after hearing about the success of Imageco’s Sustainable Street cardboard-engineered event stand for Antalis. They sought a similar sustainable solution for their client, Capital ONE, and they gladly accepted the challenge.

The brief presented to Imageco was a 3D visual of an 8×4 meter greenhouse that needed to be built sustainably with recyclable and preferably reusable materials. Sustainability was paramount as PIE Factory focuses on creating experiences that contribute to a better world.

Upon review, we determined that Xanita Board was the perfect material for the job. However, building an 8mx4m structure with beams spanning 4m across the roof from cardboard presented significant challenges.

They needed to ensure structural integrity, including practical drawers, shelves, and cupboards that lock, all within the cardboard design. After rigorous brainstorming and troubleshooting, we cracked the design.

Time was another hurdle, as the final sign-off was received just two days before the exhibition. With little room for error, expert cardboard engineer, Dean, rose to the occasion, developing the necessary structural designs to meet the brief’s requirements in record time.

The result was an impressive greenhouse-inspired structure made from Xanita Board. The lightweight yet sturdy design housed four TV screens, supported 65 festoon lights, and integrated locally sourced plants and outdoor furniture to bring nature into the exhibition space. LED bulbs and carbon offsetting using Gold-standard carbon credits further enhanced its sustainability.

The stand has been taken down and rebuilt multiple times. Once it’s no longer needed, it can be fully recycled, aligning perfectly with the client’s sustainability-oriented brief. The successful collaboration between PIE Factory and Imageco demonstrated the power of sustainable design and its positive impact on events.

The Graphical Tree: Felipe Pantone At The Saatchi Gallery

Upon receiving a request from Chelsea’s Saatchi Gallery, the Graphical Tree team collaborated on a site-specific piece for the Beyond the Streets London exhibition featuring the incredible work of Felipe Pantone. Felipe, an Argentinian-Spanish fine artist, is known for his dynamic and futuristic art that blends analogue and digital elements in a mesmerising array of neon gradients, geometric shapes, and optical patterns.

The project involved covering five walls and the floor with striking prints, creating an immersive extension of the exhibition. To kickstart the process, a detailed PDF document was received outlining the concept and provisional dimensions of the designated area. Wanting to ensure the colours remained consistent throughout the space, they decided on a grey-back permanent self-adhesive vinyl with matte lamination for the walls while opting for a non-slip laminate for the floor graphics.

The production was no small feat, involving over 230 meters of print and an additional 230 meters of seal. The installation team, armed with a detailed site plan, embarked on the task at the Saatchi Gallery. Prior visits to the site allowed them to prepare for any peculiarities and tailor the graphics accordingly.

Once the exhibition opened, the impact of our large-format printed pixel wallpapers was evident. The room became a sensory experience for everyone who entered, drawing reactions and leaving lasting impressions. The bamboozling yet visually captivating design perfectly complemented Felipe Pantone’s art, elevating the overall atmosphere.

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