Graphtec launches WidLaser S Series in UK

Commercial ceramic powered cutting, engraving and marketing systems are available now from Graphtec

Graphtec GB has announced the immediate availability of the new WidLaser S Series of ceramic tube CO2 laser cutting systems from WidInovations. The machines are equipped with high-end American-made Iradion Ceramic Laser Tubes. They are specifically designed and manufactured around the needs of high-volume commercial users where speed and precision are key.

Ellen Wain, Business Development at Graphtec GB, says, “Within a week of the S600 being installed in Graphtec Showroom, demonstrations are already in full swing. Ceramic Tube CO2 Laser Systems are capable of cutting, engraving & marking onto a wide range of rigid and malleable materials, making this an excellent addition to our solutions portfolio,”

Ceramic Tube CO2 Laser Systems

Machines with ceramic tubes are suited to commercial operations that require media to be processed quickly, precisely and efficiently. Ceramic machines are often used for long periods every day for high-volume manufacturing purposes.

Due to their fast speeds, increased power and enhanced intricacy, ceramic-powered machines are often used for manufacturing purposes to quickly cut, engrave or mark materials in fast-paced, high-volume production environments.

“Although Ceramic Tube and Glass Tube powered machines are capable of processing the same materials, ceramic machines offer the user an increased speed and longer tube lifespan. This means they can process increased amounts of materials and be run for longer periods of time between service intervals,” adds Ellen.

These systems are quiet and incredibly precise.  They allow users to cut rigid type and thicker malleable materials that traditional cutting plotters cannot cut through.

The lasers start from £12,695.00 (Finance Available), including delivery to site, installation & training, plus Graphtec’s unrivalled Full-Service Solution that includes a one-year warranty and the much-prized Lifetime UK Technical Support. 

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