Godin Productions expands manufacturing with Tauro H3300 UHS

Godin Productions is the first marketing solutions provider in Canada to install the Tauro H3300 UHS with a fully automated unloading system.

By investing in the highly productive, hybrid large-format inkjet printer, Godin extends its manufacturing capabilities in response to client demand.

CEO Todd Godin: “Tauro UHS maximizes our effectiveness and efficiency for our growing client base. The high-speed Tauro H3300 UHS meets tight project turnarounds for our CPG clients and offers us the necessary flexibility to produce unparalleled food and beverage, retail and cosmetics end-to-end solutions.”

The heavy-duty, ruggedly built Tauro H3300 UHS easily handles extreme workloads, multiple-shift operations, and 24/7 printing. Suited for a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates up to 3.3 m wide, Tauro UHS produces award-winning print quality with speeds up to 905 m2/h (9,741 f2/h).

Godin optioned an extended automatic unloader for semi-automation and faster media processing on their Tauro UHS:

“We are a very tech-driven company. We specified features on our Tauro to amplify high-speed file processing to meet the efficiency standards of our clients. We operate with the best interests of our clients and sustainability in mind.”

In addition to its distinct automation, Tauro UHS systems offer the lowest ink consumption in the market. Highly-pigmented GREENGUARD Gold-certified Anuvia inks comply with a range of industry norms pertaining to product safety, chemical emissions and air quality, ensuring that prints are acceptable for use in sensitive indoor environments like healthcare facilities and schools. The GREENGUARD certification integrates with Godin’s corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Agfa’s patented UV LED-curable inks also deliver a wide color gamut and high-color vibrancy. The 7-pl droplets produce stunning images at 635 x 1200 dpi with a fine rendering of shadow and highlight details and razor-sharp texts in as small as 4-point type.

Featuring outstanding skin tone rendering required in cosmetic, fashion, and retail applications, the Tauro H3300 UHS systems excel in smooth ramp-ups over the tonal range.

Godin says, “The Tauro UHS is increasing our capacity and improving our value proposition for our clients. Our unmatched talent, technology, and transparent business solutions set us apart in the industry. We have decades of experience, unmatched talent, innovative solutions, and the power to solve any challenge.”

Print buyers looking for impactful solutions that drive conversion can contact Godin Productions at (416) 447-7963 or email info@godinproductions.com.

The Tauro H3300 UHS LED family of wide-format inkjet systems is now available in North America and worldwide. For more information, please contact Deborah Hutcheson, Director of Strategic Business Development & Distribution, Inkjet NA, at 908-342-1797.

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