Fujifilm’s Revoria range continues to evolve

At drupa 2024, Fujifilm will introduce the latest additions and developments to the Revoria range; a range that is transforming customers’ businesses

Revoria PC1120-1
Revoria PC1120

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“Revoria” demonstrates Fujifilm’s commitment and determination to transform the production printing business, pioneer new territories, and create unprecedented value for customers. Fujifilm continues to work to support customers with the challenge of digital transformation.

Fujifilm Group first launched the “Revoria” brand in July 2021 with two models: the high-end production colour printer, Revoria Press PC1120 for the high-end professional market, and the production monochrome printer, Revoria Press E1 Series, which supports on-demand printing business from professionals to offices. Since then, Fujifilm has been working to develop and expand the Revoria product lineup.

Revoria: Buyers Lab Award
Buyers Lab Award

In particular, the Revoria Press PC1120 has received wide market recognition, such as winning the “Buyers Lab (BLI) 2022 PRO Award” in the high-volume CMYK+ device category, from Keypoint Intelligence, an independent evaluation institution for businesses using printing equipment in the United States. Revoria has steadily increased its presence with its high image quality, productivity, and the value added through specialty colours. Fujifilm is proud to have been a global leader in dry toner technology for the production printing market.

At drupa 2024, Fujifilm Group will showcase its advanced Revoria Press product lineup, centered around the Revoria Press PC1120, to contribute even more to customers’ printing operations. The Revoria Press GC12500 will also be present, as the world’s first printer to expand the maximum paper size to B2XL size (750 × 662mm), allowing up to 6-up A4 posters and large format applications. Furthermore, two new mid-range models, for a wide range of customers, equipped with specialty colour technology will be unveiled at the show.

Revoria GC12500
Revoria GC12500

At the Fujifilm Group booth at drupa, in addition to the above-mentioned new products, Fujifilm will also showcase new options and technical demonstrations to expand the potential of dry toner through digital printing applications. These options include new specialty colours that contribute to expanding the colour gamut, and an inline booklet maker that helps to solve the challenges of escalating labour costs and operator recruitment. Fujifilm will also demonstrate the world’s first functional toner with adhesive properties, “Pressure Adhesive Toner,” along with an automated production line, which will be showcased for the first time in Europe.

Fujifilm sincerely look forward to your visit.

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