New Fujifilm Print Experience Centre opens at European Headquarters

FUJIFILM Europe GmbH has launched the “Print Experience Centre,” an innovative concept aimed at elevating the value of the print medium through integrated experiences ranging from photographic to industrial prints

The new Fujifilm Print Experience Centre (henceforth “PEC”), which brings together the most advanced technologies and products from the Graphic Communications and Photo Imaging divisions, is located at Fujifilm’s new European headquarters in Ratingen, in a 1,200-square-meter design space.

The PEC represents a real “call-to-action” for all visitors, a collaborative space where they can imagine and experience the present and future of the printing industry in all its broadest forms. It will offer training and demonstrations to Fujifilm customers and partners, as well as the opportunity to evaluate and experiment with varied media and receive support to achieve optimal printing results. The area is equipped with co-working and events space to expand its intended use and ensure maximum comfort for visitors and users.

“It is with great excitement that I am kicking off the activities of the Print Experience Centre, a unique concept dedicated to the world of the printed image, which complements the experiential equipment of our European headquarters in Ratingen, which was inaugurated last year.”- said Yoshiki Kimura, President and Managing Director of FUJIFILM Europe GmbH – “In these spaces, we can now offer our stakeholders the opportunity to touch the result of Fujifilm’s technological vision, and we are confident that this will be a source of great inspiration to forge new partnerships strengthen existing ones.”

The printing systems in action are:

Photo Imaging

  • DE100-XD
  • CX 3240
  • Instax cameras and printers

Graphic Communications

  • Jet Press 750S
  • Revoria Press PC1120
  • Revoria E1 Series
  • ApeosPro C Series
  • Imprinting systems
  • Acuity Prime
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