Fujifilm announces commercial availability of the Acuity Prime L flatbed printer

The larger bed version of the Acuity Prime is set to increase productivity and ROI for print service providers
Fujifilm Acuity Prime L flatbed printer

Fujifilm has today confirmed that the Acuity Prime L flatbed printer is now commercially available. The printer, which was unveiled at FESPA 2022, is a larger version of the award-winning Acuity Prime 20 and 30 models.

Offering a maximum print area of 3200mm x 2000mm and a headline print speed of 202m2/hr, the Acuity Prime L is easy to operate, and produces high quality results at high speed. It features six vacuum zones and 16 media location pins, as well as the ability to print side by side jobs with its dual zone function, for maximum flexibility.

Uvijet HM – an ink system formulated specifically for the Acuity Prime series – provides excellent adhesion to a broad range of substrates while also producing a wide colour gamut. The new ink range is optimised to produce high quality, vibrant images day-in, day-out.

A new jettable primer improves adhesion still further for particularly challenging substrates. This removes the need for the offline pre-treatment of substrates before printing, saving time and money.

Available with up to seven ink channels (CMYK, plus white, clear and primer) the Acuity Prime L with Uvijet HM inks offers the ultimate versatility and value by providing the flexibility for print businesses to customise it to their own needs.

In January 2023, German graphics arts business Tom Fox became one of the first companies in Europe to invest in the Acuity Prime L. The company purchased the machine just a few months after adding an Acuity Prime 30 to its production line.

Anda Baboi, Marketing Manager, Fujifilm Wide Format Inkjet Systems says: “Following the success of the Acuity Prime 20 and 30 printers, we are pleased to announce the commercial availability of the Acuity Prime L. Larger in size, it enables businesses to increase their productivity without compromising on speed or quality.

“Tom Fox is one of the first companies to have invested in the Acuity Prime L and we look forward to seeing how it boosts business for them and other print service providers in the sector.”

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