Firstlite LED offers improved signage lighting with new COB LED reels

COB LED reels from Firstlite are designed for high-intensity illumination, easy installation, and energy efficiency


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FirstLite LED Systems Limited, a leading supplier of LED modules to the UK sign market, has launched its COB LED reel lights, offering superior lighting options for businesses and sign-makers.

Firstlite COB LED Reels offer high-intensity LEDs that guarantee an even spread of light, ensuring optimal illumination in any setting. Designed with spot-free and cuttable features, installation and integration are a breeze. Operating at a voltage of 24V and with an IP Rating of IP20, these reels deliver reliable performance and durability. The colour temperature options of 3000K and 6000K cater to diverse lighting preferences, while the energy-efficient design consumes only 11.2W per metre, making them an eco-friendly lighting solution.

“Our COB LED reel lights are game-changers. With our multi-diode setup, these lights shine bright while saving energy. We’ve made them compact, too, packing in more lumens per square centimetre. In addition, our simple circuitry means fewer parts and better heat control for longer-lasting performance. Businesses and sign-makers can upgrade to a brighter, more efficient lighting experience,” said Firstlite’s managing director Megan Woodcock.

In addition, Firstlite’s Micro Aluminium LED Profile is designed from premium aluminium, ensuring durability and longevity. The profile features an acrylic opal diffuser that enhances luminosity, creating a soft and appealing light output.

Its compact size, with dimensions of Length of 2m, Height of 9mm, and Width of 7mm, allows for easy installation in smaller spaces without compromising lighting quality. This profile is ideal for applications with limited space, but quality lighting is essential, offering both functionality and aesthetics in one sleek design.

COB LED reels technology offers several advantages for businesses and signmakers. “If you need ambient illumination with an even spread of light, COB LED technology may be the better choice,” noted Megan Woodcock. “The technology offers efficiency, durability, and a long lifespan – qualities that align with Firstlite’s commitment to quality.”

COB LED strip lights are more energy-efficient than SMD LED strip lights due to their dense packing, which allows them to produce more light per watt.

For businesses looking to upgrade their lighting solutions with state-of-the-art technology, Firstlite‘s COB LED reel lights are the ideal choice. With Firstlite, they can experience superior lighting performance and efficiency.


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