Firstlite Introduces DALI Dimmable Drivers for Enhanced LED Signage Control

Firstlite’s DALI dimmable drivers offer LED signage control, energy efficiency, and cost savings for businesses of all sizes.

FirstLite LED Systems Limited, a leading supplier of LED modules to the UK sign market, has launched its new DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) dimmable drivers, designed to enhance LED signage control and management.

DALI dimmable drivers are power supplies specifically developed for lighting, offering precise control through a DALI system. This system enables customers to create different lighting scenes and adjust brightness levels according to user preference or ambient conditions.

“We are excited to introduce our DALI dimmable drivers. They enable accurate control and greater energy efficiency for LED signage installations,” said Megan Woodcock, managing director at Firstlite. “These drivers are fully compatible with all Firstlite modules and reels.”

Compared to standard LED dimmers, DALI systems are ideal for large installations requiring precise control over multiple signs. The DALI system’s integrated timer functionality allows for planned and remote management. This ensures efficient energy management, ideal for customers seeking eco-friendly solutions and reducing energy waste.

DALI drivers are compatible with a wide range of LED fixtures, including downlights, track lights, panel lights, and linear fixtures. They can also be used in retrofit applications to upgrade existing lighting systems to DALI control.

Firstlite’s DALI dimmable drivers are versatile and suitable for a wide range of signage applications, such as retail stores, hospitality venues, stadiums, architectural installations, and more.

“Our DALI dimmable drivers offer complete control and a host of eco-friendly features,” added Megan. “With built-in timers and centralised control, they simplify installation and reduce costs associated with multiple dimmers and timers.”

For more information about Firstlite’s DALI dimmable drivers and other LED solutions, visit FirstLite LED.

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