Firstlite demonstrates the simplicity and versatility of Infinity Neon LED lighting

At its recent Open Day and Training Centre launch, Firstlite LED also provided practical workshops to demonstrate the new Infinity Neon LED light systems

On Wednesday, April 17th, Firstlite LED Systems held an Open Day to launch the company’s new Training Centre and give visitors a hands-on opportunity to try the new Infinity Neon LED system.

The Firstlite Team preparing to welcome visitors to the open day

Meg Woodcock, Managing Director of Firstlite LED, said, “Our product range is growing rapidly to meet the broad applications needs of the sign industry. We think it is important to offer sign companies the consultancy and training they need to ensure they deliver the best possible solutions for their customers.”

“With our nationwide coverage, we usually do this training onsite. With our new showroom and Training Centre, we can also invite customers to us where they can also see and learn more about our entire range.”

Hands-on Learning

During the Open Day, several visitors were keen to learn more about the Infinity Neon LED range. Firstlite provided all the materials required to allow them to try the system for themselves.

The day was buzzing with guests going hands-on with the LED neons
Everyone had the chance to have a go at creating an LED neon letter

Leon Christer, Director of Operations at Newcastle-based sign-maker, JMF Group, said, “The Training Centre here at Firstlite is a great resource. It was great to meet the team here and also to have a go at creating a Neon LED under expert guidance. We brought our whole team, and they all had a go. We all said it was much more straightforward than they expected, and with some practice, they could develop large and complex Neon LED signage with ease.”

Emma Henderson, Managing Director of Coco Luminaire, said, “We make beautiful and stylish messages for weddings using various lighting solutions, including traditional neon. I was keen to learn more about Neon-style LEDs and was impressed with how simple they were to work with. The product seems ideal for our market, and I look forward to working more with Firstlite as we develop it.”

Another visitor was Christopher Horseman at Mixit Signs, another existing Firstlite customer. “We have worked with Firstlite for many years and know that we can trust and rely on the products and service. The new Training Centre looks great and provides companies like us with a great place to learn and understand more about their products.”

See also the video from the day by Jack Gocher from Eye on Display, showing that even a complete novice can create a great-looking sign with Infinity Neon LEDs. 

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