FESPA UK’s Next Generation Project continues to thrive

The Next Generation Project event on 21st February drew a strong turnout, with additional localised events planned for 2024.

FESPA UK Next Generation Project 2024
FESPA UK Next Generation Project 2024

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Following the success of the project in 2023, FESPA UK and its supporters have committed to another year of events and networking opportunities for young professional based in Print, Signage and Graphics.

Commencing the schedule was their first event of the year on February 21st at Coventry Transport Museum. Approximately 40 young individuals enjoyed a day of communication training led by a team of seasoned professional trainers.

FESPA UK Next Generation Project 2024
FESPA UK Next Generation Project 2024

The session addressed an extensive range of subjects, spanning from fostering client connections to enhancing message clarity, navigating conversational dynamics, and overcoming various communication obstacles. Attendees learned from experts and participated in interactive workshops that allowed them to practice their skills in a supportive environment.

“[The training day helped me] build a strong network in industry, enhanced sales knowledge and understanding of how my communication is received, alongside awareness of different business styles” Joe Watts, HP Large Format and Sustainability Intern.

Additionally, the event featured a presentation by the Printing Charity, along with insights from their latest Rising Star, Ally Boldan. Ally elaborated on the application procedure and provided firsthand experiences to the delegates, detailing her journey and the training she pursued with her prize money. Moreover, the day provided an excellent platform for year-long supporters to actively participate, showcasing their businesses and products through tabletop stand displays, enabling attendees to gain deeper insights into their contributions to the industry.

“The day has benefitted me greatly and helped me to know how best to deal with people that have different communication styles to me” Sophie Grant, Allen Signs Junior Graphic Designer.

“We are delighted that this project has gone from strength to strength in just over 1 year, as a non-for-profit association we are proud of the fact that we can re-invest a proportion of our profits made from 2023 back into the industry and the future of young professionals by sending multiple members of our Next Generation Committee to the FESPA Global Print Expo 2024 in Amsterdam. At the GPE they will have even more chance to connect with a wider global community as well as gain insights from the FESPA UK network by carrying out interviews and seeing what innovation and opportunities are available in the future, for them and other young professionals.” Jay Burfield, Membership Development Executive and chair of the Next Generation Committee, FESPA UK Association.

FESPA UK will continue with the project throughout 2024 and will offer five more training days this year at various venues around the UK. Each training day will cover different topics, allowing attendees to choose the sessions based on what best suits their needs, and their location. These training days will cover a range of topics including:

FESPA UK Next Generation Project 2024
FESPA UK Next Generation Project 2024

– Mental wellbeing
– Customer/client aftercare
– How to get into the wrap industry
– Workflow
– Sustainability

FESPA UK is committed to helping young professionals within Print, Graphics, and Signage to develop their skills. No matter their position within the company or the tools they need to succeed in a safe and non-competitive environment.

Registration and further dates will be announced soon, in locations such as Vivid Laminating Technologies, Zund UK, Wrap Fest 2024, Trade Embroidery and more.

FESPA UK look forward to seeing more of the industry’s young professionals at their upcoming Next Generation training days! If you would like to find out more about the initiative, please contact Jay Burfield by emailing jay.burfield@fespauk.com or calling 07918407022.

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