FESPA UK and ISA UK announce joint event

Making Connections Matter!
Wednesday 6th September – Hogarth’s Solihull.

This event will look at ways businesses in the visual communications arena can push the materials, machines, and technology they use to the limits, to produce the most powerful visual displays possible.

It’s All About the Application!

With examples of some of the most thought-provoking designs in both print and signage, the evening will be a chance to discuss the methods used to produce the pieces on display with the people who created them. The evening will include a 3-course meal, with a keynote speaker and plenty more opportunities to continue the conversations into the evening.

As FESPA UK & ISA UK will be working together to produce this new style of event, they are bringing two sectors of the industry together that often overlap with the work they produce. Most printers these days make some signage, and most signage companies have a printer. The event aims to bring them together under one roof where they can create new connections and share ideas with people they might not normally meet.

Suzi Ward, Managing Director of FESPA UK Association, says:

“Being able to work with the ISA UK and bring our two UK communities together feels like a huge step forward for both Print and Signage. This is a fantastic opportunity for printers and sign-makers to come together at an event that has been created just for them. To my knowledge, this has never been offered before. The event will be informative and will highlight innovative designs and concepts created by both printers & sign-makers, who will be on hand to discuss how they created the pieces on display, what applications they used, what materials and what technology was at the forefront of the project. What makes this event even better is that as we are both trade associations, all the proceeds will be invested back into the industry through projects like the Next Generation initiative and the Waste Management project.”

Craig Brown, CEO of the International Sign Association UK, adds:

“Events that create a space for business owners to share ideas and openly talk about what works for them are few and far between. When people come together and have an opportunity to talk openly, ideas and concepts often germinate. It’s amazing what collaborations like this can foster”

“As a trade body, we are here as a conduit to share best practice wherever we can. Coming together with like-minded trades and associations is something that benefits the sector and the trade as a whole.”

“Having the opportunity to work with FESPA UK and talk with their board really does just highlight how similar our core values are as trade associations and it’s a pleasure to be able to give something back to the industry we all care deeply about.”

The event will be held at Hogarths in Solihull on Wednesday 6th September. The evening will start with a drinks reception, among a gallery of innovation design and concepts, where the printers and sign makers who created the projects will be on hand to discuss how the pieces were created. Each space will be supported by a key supplier, who will also be there to answer questions about the machine, substrate or other technology that went into making the project possible.

Supporters of the event who have already committed to producing a joint application display are:

HP & OPG Ltd
EFI & RMC Digital

Eye on Display Industry Directory
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FESPA UK Association

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