Fespa 2024: Epson reveals micro-production technology’s full capabilities

Epson shows its first small-footprint SC-V1000 flatbed printer and new entry-level SC-F1000 DTG hybrid printer for first time at Fespa in 2024.

Epson SC-F1000
Epson SC-F1000

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Epson’s theme this year is personalisation through micro-production as the company reveals a storefront of stunning beautifully designed, colourful and top-quality printed bespoke items on Stand G20, Hall 12 at Fespa 2024 from 19-21 March in Amsterdam. 

“Fespa this year is all about demonstrating how Epson’s micro production digital printing technology can support businesses producing beautiful, bespoke products that enhance our lives,” declares Chris Davies from Epson Europe’s commercial & industrial printing division. “The variety of printing techniques on display demonstrates the many advanced flexible applications of Epson’s digital printer range including the latest dye sublimation, Direct-to-Garment (DTG) and Ultra-Violet (UV) signage printers.”

On stand this year, Epson will demonstrate, for the first time, its new SureColor-V1000 A4 flatbed UV printer and its entry-level SureColor-F1000 DTG printer.

Epson’s SureColor-V1000 A4 UV flatbed printer has been designed to serve the needs of businesses in the promotional goods industry. Highly compact and affordable, the SC-V1000 prints on a wide range of substrates with thicknesses up to 70mm, including acrylics, polycarbonates, PVC, aluminium, metal, polyester, foamboard, styrene, wood and stone, making it ideal for creating promotional and personalised items. The SC-V1000 new UV flatbed printer will be of interest to a wide range of businesses, from photo-retailers and small goods manufacturers to e-commerce printers and visitor attractions, such as theme parks.

Epson’s SureColor-F1000 DTG printer is the first entry-level DTG printer that can print directly onto dark and light fabrics. Completing Epson’s industry-leading range of hybrid DTG and DTF (Direct-to-Film) printers, the SC-F1000 will be of particular interest to hobbyists, retailers and businesses that require a cost-effective solution with the flexibility to print on a wide range of fabric types. The SC-F1000 is the only printer in its category to include white ink, enabling it to print directly onto dark garments and on film. This enables producers to print on many items such as t-shirts, hoodies, bags, sweatshirts and cushions, and ideal for companies providing in-store printing in quick time.

Accompanying the SureColor-F1000 on stand G20 will be Epson’s recently launched DTG hybrid SureColor F2200 that has been designed for start-up companies or medium-volume businesses requiring high levels of flexibility, accuracy and rapid turnaround. Designed to produce complex designs on a variety of garments, the SureColor F2200 uses Epson’s advanced PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead technology to provide faster printing and data processing speeds, resulting in a productivity increase of up to 25% over its predecessor, while maintaining extremely high print quality.

Also showing on stand at Fespa this year will be Epson’s recently launched 17-inch photo and fine-art production printer. The new SureColor-P5300 combines the advanced technology of the Epson SC-P700/P900 with the flexibility and production capability of the Epson SC-P5000 and is designed to serve the needs of professional photographers, fine-art users, design agencies and photo retail stores. The SC-P5300 offers exceptional image quality thanks to the consistency and accuracy of Epson’s Micro Piezo printhead technology, coupled with an optimised colour gamut and UltraChrome Pro10 ink with violet as standard. The printer also offers black enhanced overcoat  (BEO) and a carbon black mode for delivering the very highest black density, as well as improved contrast, better tonality and reduced bronzing in dark areas on glossy media.

  • Epson’s compact SC-F100 A4 dye sublimation printer designed to expand business opportunities with high-quality printing on a wide range of gifts and promotional goods. The quality and consistency levels are achieved through Epson’s PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead and a look up table (LUT) that’s designed for promotional goods and gifts, as well as rigid substrates.
  • Epson’s first 24 inch dye sublimation printer – SC-F500 – developed to help promotional houses, photo labs, clothing producers and copy shops increase customer choice through flexible, high-quality printing
  • The recently launched SC-F6400H 44-inch, 6 colour dye-sublimation printer allowing businesses to expand into new markets, as the extended ink sets can achieve a wider colour gamut with Orange and Violet, reduce graininess with Light Cyan and Magenta or print true fluorescents with Fluorescent Pink and Yellow.

Chris Davies concludes: “Many small and medium sized businesses are using Epson’s digital printing technology to produce and retail uniquely designed, highly desirable and personalised items so we will be showing many fine examples of these items on our stand this year.  The stand will be presented as a store front with many colourful examples of personalised and promotional items ranging from custom-designed t-shirts, photos and canvas applications to bespoke notebooks, phone cases, magnets, coasters and water bottles.” 

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