Experience the future of car number plate printing

Car number plate printing has been revolutionised with OKI and RGB’s dynamic ‘business in a box’ solution.

OKI Pro9542: Harness the Power of White Toner. The future of car number plate printing
OKI Pro9542: Harness the Power of White Toner. The future of car number plate printing!

Stay ahead in the personalised and colourful market of car number plates!

Partnering with RGB means gaining access to the complete solution. As an esteemed OKI partner, RGB offers more than just printers – you get the entire toolkit with a 360 support, including pre-sales technical consultation, product demos and walking through the process, installation, onsite post-sales support, and consumable fulfilment. From software and media starter packs to acrylics and the number plate press, RGB ensures you have everything you need for a seamless operation.

the future of car number plate printing.OKI C650: Commanding Contrast for Commercial Print

OKI C650: Commanding Contrast for Commercial Print. The future of car number plate printing!

OKI Pro9542: Harness the Power of White Toner

This top-notch printer, armed with white toner technology, opens avenues for unparalleled profit in number plate printing.

Just imagine the possibility of incorporating vibrant colours into your designs, such as national flags or electric vehicle green stripes.

Designed for ultimate high-impact graphic arts and light production use, the flexible Pro9542 delivers high quality CMYK plus high density white-under single pass printing, generating vibrant, standout results on a wide range of light, dark and transparent media.

Whether it’s commercial plates, retail plates with EV marks or exclusive show plates for events or dealership showcases, the white toner empowers you with flexibility, setting the Pro9542 leagues ahead in the art of personalised number plate printing.

On top of that, you can diversify your business today and offer new services to your customers including personalisation (from 1 unit to many), printing in white or spot gloss using 5 colours, on a range of media including garment decoration and promotional merchandise, labelling, stationery and packaging, all on-demand. The opportunities are endless for a relatively low level of investment.

Enable these low volume, high margin services, access new revenue opportunities and capture new customers using OKI technology.

OKI C650: Commanding Contrast for Commercial Print

For those who seek the pinnacle of contrast and clarity, the OKI C650 stands as a beacon in number plate printing. Its composite black printing ensures a striking contrast on white or yellow backgrounds, making it the ideal choice for commercial plates that demand attention.

The C650 excels in delivering sharp, contrasting prints that enhance readability. 

Top-tier specifications, including impressive media thickness handling, further solidify its position as the go-to solution for businesses that demand excellence in their number plate printing applications.

Meet changing customer demands and market trends using OKI’s unique, award winning solutions that challenge traditional print processes, which can be time consuming, costly and cumbersome.

Find the Eye on Display listings here for OKI and for RGB.

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