Sign-makers can benefit from superior LED production standards

Expert Advice from Megan Woodcock, managing director, Firstlite LED Systems

When it comes to LED lighting, not all products are created equal. The quality of LED modules can vary significantly depending on many factors, such as production standards, materials used, and design innovations. At Firstlite, we prioritise superior production standards to ensure customers can benefit from optimal performance, longevity, and reliability in every product.

Constant current vs. constant voltage: ensuring stability and longevity

Firstlite’s commitment to quality begins with the power supply. By employing constant current technology, our LED modules provide a consistent voltage power supply, ensuring electricity and product luminance remain unaffected by voltage fluctuations. This stability not only enhances the lifespan of the LED product but also mitigates the impact of environmental temperature variations, which results in consistent performance in many conditions.

In contrast, constant voltage power supplies, common among other LED products, are prone to voltage fluctuations that can lead to erratic electricity levels and compromised luminance. Environmental temperature changes further exacerbate these issues, causing resistance variations that affect luminance and potentially shorten the LED lifespan.

Optimising colour temperature for maximum impact

Colour temperature is a critical aspect of LED lighting, influencing illuminated spaces’ ambience and visual appeal. Firstlite’s LED modules are engineered to deliver precise colour temperature control, ensuring consistent and accurate lighting across all applications. Whether creating vibrant displays or setting the mood in architectural environments, our commitment to colour accuracy guarantees a superior lighting experience.

Innovative module structures for versatile applications

Firstlite’s dedication to innovation is evident in our module structures, which are designed to meet the diverse needs of various lighting applications. From the revolutionary 2 to 1 lens technology, enabling illumination from depths of 35mm to 200mm to the introduction of batwing lenses for wider light dispersion, Firstlite continually pushes the boundaries of LED lighting design. These advancements empower designers and architects to create captivating lighting installations with unparalleled flexibility and performance.

Quality materials for durability and reliability

At the core of every Firstlite LED module is a commitment to quality materials and construction. Rolled copper in our reels, known for its durability and flexibility, ensures superior conductivity and protection of components compared to electrolytic copper, which is prone to breakage and damage. Additionally, high-quality aluminium casings and industry-compliant components from trusted suppliers like Rubicon are used in the manufacture of our drivers, which guarantees robust construction and long-term reliability in every Firstlite product.

Ensuring colour accuracy and consistency

Firstlite’s rigorous quality control measures extend to selecting LED bean sources, where only Class A chips with uniform light emission are used. By guaranteeing colour continuity through meticulous bin selection and employing advanced materials like 99.99% gold wire for optimal electrical conductivity, we ensure that every LED module delivers exceptional colour accuracy and consistency, surpassing the capabilities of other suppliers.

Final thoughts

In the competitive landscape of LED lighting, superior production standards set the benchmark for performance, reliability, and longevity. Firstlite’s commitment to quality across every aspect of LED module production—from power supply stability to innovative module structures and materials—ensures that our products consistently outshine the competition. By prioritising excellence at every stage of production, Firstlite empowers designers, architects, and lighting professionals to create captivating illuminated environments that elevate signage to new levels.

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