Expanded print profile library from Contra Vision

Contra Vision is pleased to announce that it has expanded its print profile library to include profiles for HP, Mimaki, Roland, Fujifilm and Canon hardware

Contra Vision® Advance™, PVC-Free Perforated Window Film being showcased as it's printed live on the Roland DG booth at Fespa 2024.
Contra Vision® Advance™, PVC-Free Perforated Window Film being showcased as it is printed live on the Roland DG booth at Fespa 2024.

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Contra Vision plans to continue to expand the range so that users of modern wide-format inkjet printers can achieve optimal performance from the unique features found in their range of perforated window films.

These meticulously crafted new ICC profiles were developed with careful consideration for managing balanced ink delivery. They are designed to ensure optimal colour reliability and are specifically tailored for the unique structure of perforated materials. When used with Contra Vision products featuring their patented Contra Vision® Grayliner, the profile set delivers predictable results that reflect the expected quality and image presentation that can be expected when the products are applied to windows. This further achieves ink consumption savings and quality improvements while making the products easier to handle and print.

Profiles are free to download from Contra Vision’s Print Profile library. Simply register for access to the library and notifications announcing revisions, updates and relevant additions to the profile library. HP users can access the library through the printer interface or register at Contra Vision for updates.

“Contra Vision invests considerable resources in developing its perforated window film products to ensure that they perform optimally. Material manufacturers need to achieve broad compatibility with all the available imaging and printing technologies used today and Contra Vision faces additional challenges because of its materials’ designs and construction. Our profiles work to meet these challenges and deliver results that generic profiles would struggle to equal.” Nick Rigg, Head of Products and IP.

For signs and graphics producers utilising printers beyond those currently covered, Contra Vision are committed to extending their profile offerings to include more printer models soon. In the meantime, they encourage you to register for updates and visit their Technical Hub for expert advice aimed at achieving superior results using their range of Contra Vision® Perforated Window Films.

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