Epson shows off latest digital direct-to-fabric textile printer at Drupa

Epson is introducing its new Monna Lisa 13000 direct-to-fabric single-step pigment ink textile printer on stand D20, Hall 5 at drupa in Dusseldorf

The Monna Lisa ML-13000 requires no additional equipment for pre and post treatment, steaming and washing. It also enjoys a much smaller footprint compared with conventional textile printing equipment, allowing it to be installed in more confined and convenient working environments.

Epson’s Monna Lisa 13000 on display at Drupa

The new direct-to-fabric printer comes equipped with three types of pre and post processing chemicals (pre-treatment, over-coating, and density enhancer) in addition to seven colour inks. This makes it possible to integrate pre and post processing in a single step printing solution and contrasts with other conventional textile printers that require separate processes.

Pre and post chemicals are used only on the print area (dot-on-dot), enabling prints that bring out the texture of the fabric. Nozzle verification technology detects missing dots that indicate nozzle clogging and adjusts ink delivery to maintain image quality and reduce printing errors. An easy-to-replace fabric wiper roll continuously wipes the PrecisonCore printhead nozzles clean automatically, reducing daily manual maintenance work. An ink-mist extraction system helps prevent ink-mist from adhering to the nozzle surface.

Sustainability is a key topic for most exhibitors, and Epson is keen to promote the ML-13000’s credentials. They say the traditional textile industry is responsible for approximately 20% of industrial wastewater worldwide (World Bank 2019), however the ML-13000 can significantly reduce water consumption by up to 97% (Fuluhashi Environmental Institute, 2024) by eliminating pre and post processes required by conventional dye-based printing methods. It is also estimated that 35% of all materials in the textile supply chain end up as waste, however digital on-demand textile printing allows one to print just the right amount and therefore reduce stock waste and manage excess inventory. Epson’s ML-13000 pigment inks and pre and post treatment chemicals meet environmental standards including ECO PASSPORT certified, bluesign® approved, ZDHC MRSL Conformance Level 3 certified, and GOTS approved by ECOCERT.

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