Ellie McLoughlin brings experience and growth potential to M-TWO

M-TWO has announced the appointment of Ellie McLoughlin as a recruitment consultant for the packaging and print sector, specialising in studio work and graphic design.

It would appear that nothing makes a recruitment consultant happier than appointing someone for their own business. Matt Hanley, Managing Director of M-TWO, told me, “Running a recruitment business is a huge challenge because a lot of the day-to-day relationship work has to be done by someone with experience, contacts and a strong understanding of the process. My business reflects the way I am and the way I work, and bringing another person to complement what I do and work in the way my business needs has been a real challenge. I am delighted to say that this is a challenge we have met.”

Photo: Ellie Mcloughlin, Recruitment Consultant, M-TWO

Ellie has been in recruitment for close to ten years, working in a range of roles and industries. More recently, she has specialised in the print, packaging and graphics industry with a focus on studio art workers and graphic designers, as well as sales, marketing and production professionals. “It makes such a difference to be working with someone who has years of experience in the markets and roles that M-TWO already specialises in. Having Ellie on board will kickstart M-TWO into growth mode,” says Matt.

Ellie’s initial focus will be on everything studio/creative-based. “Every single one of my customers and potential customers has some kind of studio division, which means M-TWO can now do a lot more with the same companies, adding value to our service to them,” he says.

Matt continues, “It also means that for customers, it’s no longer just a one-to-one relationship with me. They now have another person with a shedload of experience to work with. This will also help the growth of M-TWO because further new people will be joining a properly established team, which will make their integration into the company much easier. Our vision is to add more specialist industry recruiters to enable M-TWO to offer a complete recruitment service to companies throughout the print, packaging, signage and graphics markets.”

Ellie adds, “I’m really excited to join Matt and Lyndsey at M-TWO. Matt has done a great job getting the company to where it is now and I can see so much potential here and it’s great to be a part of it. The company has a policy of working with honesty and integrity, and also with an element of fun, and this is a perfect fit for me.”

Matt says, “One of the great things about Ellie is that she has a lot of experience outside of recruitment that can really benefit her day-to-day work. We want people to enjoy working with us while also getting great service and positive results.”

Ellie has started this week. See her on LinkedIn here or message her at ellie@m-two.uk

See more about M-TWO on the website… www.m-two.uk

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