EFI Pro 32r+ UV LED roll-to-roll printer from CMYUK enhances capabilities for Aztec Presentations

The new 3.2m printer complements the company’s existing EFI VUTEk h3 hybrid, also purchased from CMYUK in January 2020

Chris Pattison (L), Print Manager with Tom Wilton, Production Director, Aztec Presentations.
Chris Pattison (L), Print Manager with Tom Wilton, Production Director, Aztec Presentations.

Aztec Presentations has purchased an EFI Pro 32r+ UV LED roll-to-roll printer. This purchase marks the fourth piece of EFI equipment that the business has purchased from CMYUK, and it will sit alongside its EFI VUTEk h3 UV LED hybrid platform that was installed back in January 2020.

Although the VUTEk h3 is upgradable to the faster h5 model, Aztec decided to invest in a second printer. The main reason for this was to field the increased post pandemic demand for textile-based applications such as single piece wall coverings and tension frame graphics.

“When we purchased the h3 back in 2020 we weren’t doing any of this textile work, which is no longer the case,” says  Aztec Presentation’s co-owner, Tom Wilton.

“We are aware of several businesses with huge potential for this type of application this year, and while it’s not a given that we’ll get the work, without the extra capacity, we wouldn’t even be in the running.

“Having two EFI printers in-house boosts our efficiency, providing a back-up should anything go wrong. With the Pro 32r+,  we can now relieve any bottlenecks by spreading capacity between the two machines,” he adds.

The senior team at Aztec Presentations considered several EFI options but were sold on the Pro 32r + after seeing it in action at a trade customer site. Here the feedback was as good as it could be – total confidence in the quality, continuous printing capabilities, reliability, efficiency, and economical operation of the printer.

“We could see that this model would really do everything we wanted it to do and would run comfortably alongside our h3. Although the Pro 32r+  has a different inkset to the h3, the profile that CMYUK has produced gives us a very close colour match between the two printers. We often run single jobs between both printers,  producing the boards on the h3 and the flexible work on the new printer, and the colour  works very well even on different substrates.

“We’ve always loved  EFI FIERY and felt it’s the best RIP by a mile so the new Pro 32r+ fits in seamlessly without us having to worry about a massive learning curve,” adds Tom.

EFI Pro 32r+

The EFI Pro 32r+  UV LED dedicated  roll to roll system was designed with ultra-competitiveness in mind. An all-in-one, production level printer, it provides users with the ability to achieve faster turnarounds, and confidently commit to larger capacity runs.  It includes an integrated mesh kit, wrinkle analyser, and backlit proofing lights. With quick and easy material loading, it handles rolls up to 3.2m wide plus dual roll printing (2 x 1.6m).

Featuring a resolution of 1200 dpi, the Pro 32r+ offers white and/or clear ink options. EFI UV LED inks offer a wide colour gamut with superb durability, and represent low-cost, high value when compared to other printing solutions.

The Pro 32r+ is powered by cool cure LED technology that is compatible with a wider range of substrates including lower-cost and specialty media. Operationally this printer improves uptime and productivity with instant on/off functionality and less maintenance. It also significantly reduces energy consumption to 1.8W when compared the 10W rate attributed to Mercury LED lamps. In addition, consistent colour and simple operation substantially decrease waste. 

Optional extras

The Pro 32r+ is equipped with various value-added options to elevate its utility.  A unique roll-to-roll workflow automates the complete printing and finishing process on-the-fly and in a single system, which includes double-sided printing, vertical slitting and trimming, Media Wizard to improve stock management of remaining material roll lengths, and printing customer information on the front of the media. 

Aztec Presentations has invested in the Y-slitting option. This vertical trimming feature offers simultaneous cutting of material on the Y-axis during printing and is the perfect solution for separating multiple jobs on single full widths rolls of media.

“This automated technology is really helping us with our expansion. The slitters cut the material as it travels through the printer.   Honestly, these are a complete godsend, already we can see how much easier and quicker our lives are going to be,” says Tom.

Elevated pitch

Aztec Presentations offers both trade and direct to client services. According to Tom, the installation of the VUTEk h3 made the business more visible to trade customers as it signalled how it was willing to invest in top tier equipment to deliver outstanding results.

“We’ve never particularly gone out looking for business, we don’t really market ourselves, and have grown organically over the years through word of mouth. Generally, we find that when a customer contact moves on to work somewhere else, they take us with them, so we keep the original client and gain a new one.

“The acquisition of the Pro 32r+ further reinforces our reputation as a premium digital print supplier, capable of handling diverse demands within extremely tight deadlines,” says Tom.

CMYUK relationship

Aztec has been buying its production equipment from CMYUK since 2011. As far as printers are concerned – it’s been EFI technology all the way. CMYUK also supplies the company with super-wide roll textiles. Increasingly customers are demanding more sustainable options such as PONGS®, UFabrik, and Kavalan ­– brands that CMYUK has introduced and established as market leaders within the digital printing industry.  “We know that with CMYUK it is a relationship that we can rely on 100 per cent,” says Tom.

Now dual-powered by EFI’s next-generation printer technology, the business is well-positioned to capitalise on the growth opportunities anticipated for its business during 2024.

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