EFI Pro 30h UV LED hybrid printer installed by Standbuilder

The EFI Pro 30h UV LED hybrid printer from CMYUK will upgrade Standbuilder’s capabilities replacing its previous print technology

Bruno Roquette with Standbuilder’s latest acquisition, the EFI Pro 30h UV LED hybrid printer
Bruno Roquette with Standbuilder’s latest acquisition, the EFI Pro 30h UV LED hybrid printer

Standbuilder has upgraded its capabilities by installing the EFI Pro 30h UV LED hybrid printer from CMYUK, replacing its previous EFI VUTEk QS3 Pro 3.2m printer. This move to next-generation technology aims to enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.

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The South London-based exhibition stand building specialist, operating since 2014 under the leadership of Bruno Roquette, has grown from supplying onsite technicians to the exhibitions market to becoming entirely self-sufficient through strategic investments and working closely with CMYUK in recent years.

The company is now entirely self-sufficient for large format graphic production and finishing. Its plant list also includes a Mimaki print/cutter, Kongsberg C60 digital cutting table, Trotec Speedy 400 cutter/engraver and an AE sewing machine.

Standbuilder has been working with CMYUK for several years now. In addition to its production equipment, it also purchases its roll materials from CMYUK. The UFabrik range of materials has become a key component in its exhibition printing solutions.

“We use roll materials from the UFabrik brand. This is a specially curated range of a dozen or so products that cover 95% of the most popular digital wide-and super-wide print applications. It also includes textiles made from recycled waste single use plastic, so we can offer clients sustainable options too. This range really complements our expertise in exhibitions and events, providing us with high-performance, high-quality solutions at a very competitive price point.

“We just wouldn’t bother to go anywhere else. We trust CMYUK who have become part of the Standbuilder family, the team knows exactly what we need to achieve both now and, in the future,” says Bruno.

The EFI Pro 30h UV LED hybrid printer

The newly installed EFI Pro 30h is a 3.2m wide UV LED hybrid printer known for its versatility in handling various substrates and applications. Equipped with two channels of white ink, UltraDrop Technology 7pL printheads, and the capability for greyscale printing up to 1200dpi, it supports multi-layering printing with up to 5 layers in a single pass.

The printer’s efficiency extends to continuous board printing, accommodating large boards or multiple smaller panels with fast and easy changeover from rigid to flexible printing. The dual roll output further enhances throughput.

With a fully enclosed print area to protect against dust and debris, the EFI Pro 30h UV LED hybrid printer features a dual touchscreen interface, an advanced six-zone media platen vacuum system, and the EFI Fiery ProServer with FastRip technology for efficient file processing.

Automation – bigger contracts and driving growth.

This advanced technology has allowed Standbuilder to embrace printing and finishing automation in-house, leading to a significant transformation. The company recently completed one of its largest projects to date, building 150 exhibition stands in just two weeks, covering over 4,000 sq. m of print. Bruno says, “The integration of world-class digital printing production equipment enables Standbuilder to deliver high-quality, large print volumes efficiently, meeting strict deadlines with industrial-level speed. This improved workflow has positioned the company to attract larger contracts, contributing to overall business growth as the company

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