EcoPrint Webinar: Does Print Need an Eco-Standard – this Wednesday

Wednesday 8th March is the next EcoPrint webinar, which features a panel of sustainability experts to discuss whether print needs an eco-standard
Mar 8, 2023 02:00 PM in London

When asked, in the EcoPrint Survey, what would you consider the main barriers and challenges to improved production
and industry performance towards Net Zero?

The top answer was ‘lack of industry legislation/standards/enforcement’ with over 1 in 2 respondents believing this to be the case.

So would a specific, print ‘eco-standard’ help?!

This topic is rather weighed down with difficulty. Why? Of course, it’s complex, it requires collaboration (in spite of competition) and this isn’t easy despite there being such an obvious benefit for all of us.

But the rationale is to make it more clear for the industry to identify best practices. To improve clarity and understanding and overall to improve sustainable performance.

This in turn makes it clearer for buyers. A united pan-regional print & packaging standard will help buyers select the right product with confidence and to have faith in what they buy is indeed what it is presented as being, and not greenwash! Additionally, this would also give both print technology and production companies a clear goal in which to aim for.

Joining EcoPrint in this webinar are experts from the world of print and of sustainability. It is sure to be a lively, insightful and useful discussion.

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