Drytac welcomes France-based ID Numérique as new branded dealer partner

ID Numérique is a specialist distributor of materials and consumables for large-format digital printing and a Gold HP Privilege Partner in France
ID Numérique’s Camille Guina alongside Drytac Export Manager Tadeusz Niedziolka

Drytac, the leading international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the large-format print and signage markets, is delighted to announce France’s ID Numérique as its latest branded dealer partner.

A specialist distributor of materials and consumables for large-format digital printing, ID Numérique is a highly trusted and reputable name in the French market, working with customers across the country on all manner of projects.

As a Drytac branded dealer partner, ID Numérique will offer a wide range of Drytac’s market-leading products to both new and existing customers in France.

ID Numérique has been working with Drytac for a number of years, offering target products at select printer models, but the new designation as a branded dealer partner will open up this partnership and allow ID Numérique to explore more unique products in the Drytac portfolio.

Drytac Export Manager Tadeusz Niedziolka, who completed the deal on behalf of Drytac, said the presence of branded products in a large market such as France will further increase awareness of Drytac’s products and its ability to provide effective solutions for all sorts of applications.

“Drytac wants to strengthen its position in Europe with reputable companies like ID Numérique that also provide feedback from the market on products specifically designed for big-name printers including HP,” Tadeusz Niedziolka said.

“By working together with our distributors, we gain a better understanding of what the market requires, and any new development needed for the market, especially now when sustainable products are becoming more and more popular.”

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