Double European first for printMAX

Existing printMAX customers, Funky Labels and Works of Hart, secured the first two units of the new Roland DG TrueVIS print and cut series in Europe; with a VG3-540 and VG3-640 respectively. As existing customers of printMAX, both having used the Roland solutions for some time, Works of Hart and Funky Labels knew they wanted to upgrade with a new Roland through printMAX. 

On the day of the launch, Steve Hart (Director, Works of Hart) contacted us for further information on the new Roland release. He was impressed, not just by the capabilities of the machine, but by the new design and improvements, from both his existing Roland VersaCAMMs but also over the TrueVIS predecessors.  

The previous experience and ongoing relationship with our team allowed Steve to trust the advice and solution being given, without seeing the product in-person, within half an hour of the launch day, he had placed the order for a brand new Roland TrueVIS VG3-640.

Funky Labels already have three Roland TrueVIS print and cut devices in their printroom, with a VG, two VG2s and soon, a VG3. Caroline Gascoyne (Director, Funky Labels) had placed an order for the VG2, but on hearing of the new release, she had upgraded her order by midday!

For Caroline, the enhanced usability of the VG3 was of great appeal. Roland’s TrueVIS is a great print platform, and the new TrueVIS 3 Series has benefited from a selection of features which offer an improved user experience; the most important for Caroline being the automatic print feed calibrations. When printing on varied media, rather than manually inputting the settings each time, the VG3 now allows for this to be applied automatically, set it once and never again, simply select which media is being used. The time saving and ease of use enables real efficiency and removes any chance of human error – a great boost for productivity in any print room.

Steve at Works of Hart has been operating Roland VersaCAMMs for over a decade and is a real advocate of the easy to use technology, so the new advancements are sure to go down well, but the real selling point for Steve was the new ink configuration. Not only are there extra colours with the addition of Orange and Green, which are available on the VG2, but the VG3 allows, for the first time, the configuration of CMYK LcLm OrGr, and the opportunity to create photo-realistic finishes with accurate colour reproduction. 

As a loyal Roland DG user, Steve Hart was pleased to hear he was the first in Europe to order the new VG3-640. 

 “I’ve used the VersaCAMM series since 2010 and it’s a real workhorse. Easy to use, cost-efficient and all round a great printer, so it’s taken me a while to find something that impresses me enough to upgrade. When Chris at printMAX mentioned there was something new coming, I was intrigued, but needed to know more. As soon as any info was available, it was easy to see the improvements and what it could bring to my business. The printer looks great, it’s going to take my print business to the next level, and I’m looking forward to impressing my customers with the improved print quality.”

We are pleased to have become the first dealer in Europe to sell both the new VG3-640 and VG3-540 but are even happier that the sales will benefit such loyal customers.

“It’s been great to support Funky Labels through their growth over the years, from their first TrueVIS to now, their fourth. I am confident it will improve their workflow and efficiency, something that is always beneficial! Steve has been a loyal customer for so many years, those of you who visit Sign & Digital UK will recognise him as our customer advocate, someone who can offer practical advice, so the fact that he’s chosen to purchase a TrueVIS VG3 is as high a compliment as there is for this new printer.” Michael Bolton, Managing Director, printMAX. 

The VG3 is due for delivery in May with limited UK availability before the summer.

For further information on the Roland TrueVIS 3 Series, or any other Roland DG product you can contact our sales team on +44 (0)1420 511539, alternatively click here for more details. 

For more information on Works of Hart, visit, for more details on Funky Labels, visit

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