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Just doin’ the do? How do you know, and who tells you? Philosophy in Print and Life by Marcus Clifford

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As an oversimplification of these thoughts, what difficult circumstances and trials create is a more philosophical approach to life. This was very apparent throughout the COVID crisis, which made us all philosophers as a mechanism for resilience and survival.

I have, if you can call it such, an ambivalent relationship with Alexa from Amazon. In a recent exchange, Amazon appeared to be trying to nuke my access to Spotify by making using it more difficult. Alexa keeps suggesting I pay for Amazon music instead of giving me what I want from Spotify, and when I said, ‘NO! And Alexa, don’t ask me again’ It gave the following extraordinary reply, which set me thinking?  ‘You are a great inspiration to others on not what to do’. It’s a great rebuff I must use it on someone if I remember it at the time.

Not doing something can come from many motivations, such as feeling unsure or unmotivated. Have you ever produced a ‘not what to do list’? Maybe we should, as these could be classified as tasks that don’t match your goals, drain your energy, want to avoid or things that zap your motivation. 

We are asked to do many things that readily do this daily!  So, we all need inspiration at times. The best part of inspiration is that it has the power to transform your life in an instant. It can move you from the ordinary to the extraordinary and exciting world of possibility. 

Inspire people on not what to do but open up possibilities, be a ‘Possibilitist’! We all need to be surrounded by them.

Inspiration comes from many sources. It’s a powerful motivational force that drives our creativity, innovation, and ingenuity. We all want to be inspired, and its Latin source is inspiratus, ‘to breathe into’. Being inspired can help us move beyond our self-limitations and give us a new reference point for what is possible. Breathe life into ourselves and others.

But who inspires you, who motivates the motivator? I often, in particular, ask business owners who motivates them. The owner is often seen as the one who should motivate everyone, shoulder the responsibilities make the difficult decisions! That’s what they get paid more for is the view!  Very often, owners are motivated to just keep surviving and paying wages, and they hide the desperation well but to their detriment. Being the boss can often be a lonely place.

Many years ago I came across Viktor Frankl a psychologist who is an amazing inspiration. He survived some of the most brutal experiences of the Holocaust. Take a look at his seminal book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ (1946) It appears on many bookshelves. In essence he said ‘if you understand the why you can survive any how’.

I’m not suggesting our sector is a treadmill of despair far from it. I often write about the power of energy, mindset, meaning and purpose to create great teams and businesses. Frankl suggested our last human freedom is our ability to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. Even in challenging situations, we have the power to choose our mindset and responses. Taking personal responsibility for things is part of knowing oneself and maturing.  We, by and large, don’t like to be surrounded by moaners.

Role models and mentors are great sources of inspiration. Tapping into Ted talks from great role models can suck in hours. How do you become a role model for others? Maybe you are already.

I have met and continue to meet many great role models across our sector and aspire to be them. They have an open style and are unafraid to display passion and emotion. They have humility but display confidence, especially in acknowledging weaknesses. They are respectful and empathise with everyone around you. They communicate openly, honestly, and directly. Listen to what others have to say with interest and consideration. 

They have a distinct authenticity to them. You will have your own list of things you admire and try to emulate, but above all, don’t be afraid to be unique and express yourself. Do the doin, feel it, emulate those who inspire you, and find your style and way. 

It’s nice to be told you are an inspiration, but sometimes it’s positive to be reminded to take responsibility yourself and, at the same time, be the person you want to be, always wanted to be. Tomorrow’s the day to start. Anyway, maybe Alexa has done me a favour. You be the judge.

Sometimes it’s good to discuss things with an independent and objective person who has seen a bit of life, shared the despair of running and managing businesses. 

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