“Discover the difference”: Fujifilm Group at drupa 2024

Fujifilm Group print technologies – from analogue to digital; toner to inkjet, through to printheads, inks and software will be showcased this year on Fujifilm’s biggest ever drupa stand.

Revoria PC1120
Revoria PC1120

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Fujifilm Group today announces its presence at drupa 2024, 28th May to 7th June, Dusseldorf, Germany (Hall 8b / A02).

At the first iteration of the show in eight years, Fujifilm Group will showcase its credentials as a trusted and sustainable partner, adding value to businesses across the printing industry as they “Discover the difference” with Fujifilm.

On 1st April 2023, Fujifilm Group integrated its Graphic Communications business division with Fujifilm Business Innovation Corporation. This enabled the company to create unrivalled technology resources, while also providing access to an extensive global customer base, and to market-leading manufacturing and service and supply systems. This move has positioned Fujifilm, uniquely, as a worldwide integrated solutions vender, from analogue offset printing, to digital with the use of both inkjet and dry toner, and towards DX solutions using workflow software.

With its brand new business structure, Fujifilm Group has booked its biggest stand ever at 2,420 m2. Fujifilm Group will showcase its unprecedently broad product portfolio, highlighting its ability to provide products, solutions, and technologies for multiple customer needs, from practical production process improvements, to radical business model transformation. The exhibition will showcase a wide range of solutions for customers to experience Fujifilm Group’s “difference” in value.

Summary of Exhibition Areas

Fujifilm at drupa: Jet Press 750S
Jet Press 750S
  1. Commercial Area

Explore the latest insights into the Jet Press 750S, highly respected for more than a decade with its incomparable print quality, achieved through unique inkjet technology. The Revoria Press GC12500, will also feature in this area. Its use of dry toner allows for impressive paper versatility and high usability. In addition to the two B2 digital presses, the Jet Press 1160CFG, full colour high-speed continuous feed inkjet printing system for the commercial print market, will be exhibited for the first time. In addition, two new mid-range production printer will also be unveiled for the first time. This new press is modelled on the hugely successful Revoria Press PC1120, with its specialty colours and massive application range, which also features in the Commercial Area. New processless plates for offset printing and DX solutions for automation and streamlining with workflow software, will also feature, in addition to demonstrations of Fujifilm photographic products. The inclusion of third party finishing equipment will showcase the huge variety of applications possible with Fujifilm technology.

As the print industry continues its trend from analogue to digital, Fujifilm Group will lead customers as a sustainable partner on that journey.

2. Industrial Area
Discover the recently released Jet Press FP790, water-based inkjet digital press which brings innovation to the flexible packaging printing process, and the new automation options for our hybrid wide-format machine, enabling even higher production capacity. Alongside this, Fujifilm’s award-winning Acuity range of wide format inkjet printers will be showcased, as well as a broad range of applications delivered by Fujifilm Group’s latest technology, including signage and packaging.

For customers whose demands cannot be met by standard printers, we offer customised printing equipment and inks through FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions. We will present case studies across a wide range of applications, including direct mail, transactional printing, labels, and embellishments, demonstrating our proven track record.

Introducing “Aquafuze” technology, a new water-based ink that prioritises safety and environmental considerations, as a key inkjet technology element. This innovative ink technology encompasses the functionalities of UV and solvent inks while still being water-based, contributing to our customers’ job expansion and work environment improvement.

Fujifilm will also exhibit the “RxD Series,” a pigment dispersion with high stability in the face of diversifying ink formulations spurred by digitalisation. This supports ink formulation designs that meet the increasing need for faster inkjet systems and broader substrate compatibility.

Moreover, Fujifilm will announce new products for print heads that enable versatility across a wide range of applications.

New Fujifilm Group environmental strategies will also be introduced. These include short run with the use of digital on demand printing, processless offset printing plates, carbon neutral production facilities, and recycling initiatives.

Fujifilm Group has also unveiled its new Global Purpose: “Giving our world more smiles,” in celebration of its 90th anniversary this year.

At drupa 2024, Fujifilm Group wishes to show its capability of providing the “difference” in value, eventually giving our world more smiles. They look forward to your visit.

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