Creating spaces that capture the eye – Leisure and Hospitality finalists at the UK Graphic Awards

Meet the five finalists for the coveted Leisure and Hospitality award, where visually stunning and colour-accurate creative graphics are paramount. 

4Site: Cavatina Point

4site, together with Puttock Brown, took on the task of vinyl decoration for two elevations of the Cavatina Point buildings in Greenwich. The project aimed to prepare the building for a new windowless hotel, and the scope involved over 650 square meters of digitally printed vinyl.

The key challenge was to ensure that the vinyl matched the existing columns and adhered to the approved nautical concept design, accommodating the various sizes of glass panes. Production commenced in the first weeks of the new year, with careful attention to detail to ensure the desired outcome.

Fitting the vinyl took place from 6th to 10th February, and despite less-than-ideal weather conditions characterised by cold sunny days and sub-zero nighttime temperatures, the skilled team at 4site worked diligently to bring the vision to life. The use of Mactac 9500 bubble-free vinyl proved to be a brilliant choice, as it delivered exceptional results even in challenging conditions.

The nautical theme, beautifully printed on the vinyl, added an artistic touch to the elevations, creating an impressive and cohesive look for the new hotel space. 4site’s expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering excellence shone through in the finished project. By collaborating with Puttock Brown and leveraging top-quality materials, the team was able to achieve a flawless execution of the vinyl decoration. The hotel’s new exterior has been transformed into a captivating visual display, promising a memorable experience for visitors and residents alike.

Envision Media: The Jockey Club Race Days

The Jockey Club events hold a special place in the hearts of Envision Media’s staff and they have entered two of the biggest events in the racing calendar; the Epsom Derby and the Grand National.

For the Epsom Derby 2022, which took place between Thursday, 2nd June and Saturday, 4th June 2022, the team at Grafit Display Hire provided branding for three Pravha bars; Tanqueray, Green Bar and Guinness Bar, the Aspall Cider White Bar, the Hyperion temporary bar and a number of smaller branding items.

The next event was the Grand National which took place between Thursday, 13th April and Saturday, 15th April 2023. This was another big branding project covering a number of bars such as Pravha, Aspall Cider, Madri, Rekorderlig and the Moet Champagne Bar and some smaller items around the general hospitality areas.

A wide range of materials was used on these projects. This included foamex, which is a durable, lightweight material ideal for signage and advertising solutions with its rigid and durable, lightweight and flexible qualities, and a selection of vinyl prints with lamination to cure the artwork. For a more rustic look and sustainable approach, Envision printed bar menus direct to plywood boards and mirrors as back bars with cut-out vinyl artwork for bar menus. For a 3D look and feel they provided acrylic stand-off lettering for some areas and even wrapped a number of barrels which were used as tables for the racegoers to place their drinks.

Semaphore: The Principality Stadium - Internal Wall Graphics

Collaborating closely with the Welsh Rugby Union and Principality Stadium stakeholders, Semaphore brought Wales’s rich history and sporting culture to life through impactful large-format wall wraps at the Principality Stadium.

Semaphore worked tirelessly to ensure the project’s success, delivering the wall wraps on time and within budget while maintaining the highest quality standards. The comprehensive service provided by Semaphore included consultation, design, creation, and installation, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for the clients. The company’s attention to detail and craftsmanship ensured the wall wraps were visually striking, durable, and long-lasting, with the added benefit of the best safety and fire-rating materials.

Leveraging cutting-edge printing technology and high-quality materials, Semaphore’s experienced team created visually stunning wall wraps that made the Principality Stadium stand out. The project demonstrated their ability to overcome challenges and consistently deliver exceptional results.

The impact of the Principality Stadium/WRU Wall Wraps project has been significant for both clients. Its quality and creativity in large-format printing showcased Semaphore’s capabilities in handling complex projects. The project has elevated the match-day experience for fans, contributing to the overall atmosphere and excitement within the stadium. The visually captivating wall wraps have also strengthened the brand’s connection with fans and attendees.

Signs Express Central Lancashire: The Gentry Bar, Preston North End

Deepdale Stadium, the home of Preston North End FC, is the scene for an exceptional project involving a transformation of The Gentry Bar. This presented a unique challenge of changing the interior cladding from bright red to deep blue.

The team at Signs Express Central Lancashire rose to the occasion, employing high-quality vinyl to cover the existing cladding and ensure a flawless finish. Precision in colour matching was paramount, and extensive samples were tested to achieve the perfect shade. Regular colour-matching checks were carried out throughout the manufacturing process to maintain consistency.

The impact of the transformation saw new blue cladding giving The Gentry Bar a fresh and modern look, perfectly aligned with Preston North End’s brand identity. However, accessing the cladding posed a challenge, as a large cherry picker needed to be manoeuvred through a small doorway to reach above and around stairwells. With the support of a specialist access company, the right machinery was specified, and the team skilfully dismantled part of the doorframe and removed some flooring to ensure smooth progress.

Further graphic elements were added to enhance the ambience of The Gentry Bar, including digitally printed wallpapers, window manifestations, and Contra Vision window graphics. Collaboration between the team’s designer and Preston North End’s marketing department resulted in a stunning steampunk, gold, and blue wallpaper design, in harmony with the industrial feel of the new Fan Zone. The process involved several drafts, refining pattern repeats, and colour references to achieve an impeccable finish.

To complete the transformation, a new external sign was created, capturing the essence of the venue. Signs Express Central Lancashire turned The Gentry Bar into a vibrant and welcoming space, certain to impress fans and visitors alike.

Wild Visual Communications : Bvlgari VIP Experience

The Bvlgari VIP Experience is a world of luxury and sophistication created by Wild Visual Communications. The enchanting space, nestled within Selfridges Manchester, was meticulously designed to cater to VIP clients over a two-day extravaganza.

The brief was to create a high-impact, dual-use environment that exuded the essence of Bvlgari. The existing back-room areas of Selfridges Manchester were to be transformed into an intrinsically Bvlgari dining and shopping haven for discerning clientele. Moreover, the client emphasised the need to maintain a sense of opulence, despite working within a minimal budget.

Wild Visual Communications rose to the occasion, conducting a comprehensive survey of the space and immersing themselves in the client’s campaign assets. The team carefully selected textures, designs, materials, and furniture to create a visually stunning space. However, their commitment to sustainability took centre stage, with a conscious effort to minimise the use of virgin materials.

To uphold their dedication to the environment, Wild Visual Communications skilfully employed upcycling and furniture hire, effectively reducing their ecological impact. For the podium wraps, they opted for PVC-free vinyl, while the reusable backdrop featured fabrics crafted from recycled yarns. The result? An exquisite blend of luxury and environmental responsibility.

At the heart of this transformation was a custom pattern design. The subtle tones oozed luxury, providing a perfect canvas for the vibrant, real, and brightly-coloured florals to effortlessly pop, creating an alluring ambience.

Custom signage was thoughtfully integrated to reinforce the Bvlgari brand identity throughout the space. The reorganisation of furniture effortlessly transitioned the zones from daytime shopping to evening dining, adding an air of versatility and elegance.

This project showcased Wild Visual Communications’ commitment to giving back to the community. After the two-day experience, the real flowers were generously donated to bring joy to the local community for an extended period. The vinyls and fabrics were gracefully returned to the recycling stream, contributing to a circular economy.

Despite budget constraints, Wild Visual Communications delivered a highly luxurious space that continues to leave an indelible mark on all who enter.

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