Sign Trade Supplies increases productivity and sustainability with a new Combi-CBE electric forklift

The Combi-CBE Multi-Directional Electric Forklift reflects a major investment in long-term efficiency and environmental commitment for Sign Trade Supplies

The new Combi-CBE Electric Forklift (L), alongside its predecessor in the STS warehouse

Sign Trade Supplies (STS) has announced a significant investment in electric forklift technology at its Sittingbourne warehouse. With its unique capabilities, the Combi-CBE Multi-Directional Forklift confirms the company’s commitment to enhancing its warehouse and logistics operations. 

The Combi-CBE electric forklift has a versatile design, including a counterbalanced forklift, side loader, and independent control of the front and rear drive wheels, making it suitable for large spaces and narrow aisles.

Garrick Dartnell, Head of Marketing for Sign Trade Supplies, says, “We have a wide range of products of all shapes and sizes, and this is reflected in how we hold stock in the warehouse. The new forklift is ideal for handling stock, allowing us to store, sort, and distribute items faster and more accurately.”

He adds, “It is also an electric machine, replacing our previous diesel forklift, which helps improve air quality and working conditions in the warehouse, as well as being a much greener option.”

The Combi-CBE includes internationally patented electric traction technology, allowing for individual control of both front and rear drive wheels. This innovative system eliminates the need for a differential lock on wet or slippery surfaces and improves efficiency and safety by ensuring 100% traction control.

Each wheel’s speed and rotational direction are independently regulated, providing operators with precise acceleration and deceleration control. This reduces the twisting momentum of heavy loads when travelling sideways. 

Additionally, each electric drive includes parking and regenerative dynamic braking for enhanced power efficiency. There are no mechanical brushes to manage or replace with an AC drive, further simplifying maintenance.

Garrick concludes, “We love our new forklift and have already seen a massive improvement in the accuracy, speed, and safety of our warehouse logistics. We already have one of the industry’s highest success rates for on-time, accurate deliveries. Thanks to our new forklift, we are improving this even further while also adding better environmental credentials.”

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