CMYUK Eco Media is a Winner for Paddy Power Owners

Artworks Solutions uses CMYUK eco materials for Paddy Power parent company HQ in Dublin

Proven eco wallcoverings and backlit materials to be used to refurbish all Flutter’s global offices

High spec eco wallcoverings and backlit materials from CMYUK have been used in the extensive remodelling and refurbishment of Flutter’s worldwide HQ in Dublin. This venture involved a significant amount of demolition and reconstruction from the ground up to transform this office complex, built in 1999, into a contemporary and collaborative working space.

Artworks Solutions, a turnkey supplier and fundamental partner to the design and construction industry, worked alongside Claremont Group Interiors to deliver the project. It has produced a variety of graphics for key walls and lightboxes situated in communal areas throughout the seven storey, 164,000 sq. ft building along with several acoustic solutions.

Flutter feel

“The client wanted a distinct ‘Flutter feel’ to its Dublin HQ.   It wanted a concept that could be used across its worldwide offices to create an unmistakable and compelling Flutter environment,” says Seath Herbert, Managing Director, Artwork Solutions.

The company identified key focal spaces within the Dublin HQ that would benefit from graphical treatment. From here, its in-house design team put together a visual pack from a printed wallcovering perspective that included treatments for dry-wipe functional surfaces, large graphic walls, lightboxes and acoustic panels. It worked closely with Claremont Interiors to ensure that its schema worked within the overall interior design parameters, making sure that graphics colourways worked with flooring for example, and all visual assets were part of the current branding roster.

Seath Herbert, Managing Director, Artwork Solutions

Walls and corridors

Artworks Solutions digitally printed graphics for over 40 walls across all seven storeys of Flutter’s flagship office. Due to the large amount of print required, it was very keen to use products with an environmental edge.  Artworks  presented Flutter with two eco-solutions:  Kavalan Gecko 320GB and UFabrik Backlit Textile ECO FR, both exclusive to CMYUK. After extensive evaluation it was very confident to specify these materials for high volume usage.

“In the past we’ve found inconsistencies and instability in eco products, they just didn’t seem to have had enough market testing. We’ve never had any production issues with the materials we specified for this project, and the installers like working with these too. It was the right time to put these products in front of this client. These products tick all the boxes for sustainability, performance integrity, and price point. The client was very keen to proceed,” says Seath.

Kavalan Geko 320GB is a PVC-free, recyclable polyester-based textile and is an excellent sustainable alternative for single piece wallcoverings and display systems. It has B1 and EN13501-1 fire ratings and meets highest environmental standards including EN-71, 33P, ROHS, REACH and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approval.

UFabrik Backlit Textile ECO FR was used in a prominent design feature of the building, a tunnel-effect corridor that connects the ground floor reception with the central atrium.  This walkway has been designed to create maximum impact.  Dramatic and moody walls are studded either side by lightboxes. Sensor-controlled and activated by movement, these powerful LED illuminated printed images reveal themselves as staff and visitors walk by.   

This inventive backlit textile is produced from 100% recycled PET plastic bottle waste. Manufactured to the highest standards, it is top coated for use with UV and Latex inks and ensures brilliant colour reproduction. Crease and wrinkle-free on tension and doesn’t bruise or mark when folded. Fire rated to DIN 4102-1-B1 & EN13501 standards, it is also REACH, Global Recycled Standard certified, and compliant with the California Proposition 65. It’s fast becoming the material of choice for backlit and frontlit display applications. 

“The lightbox images will be regularly updated so it was important for us to use a sustainable material that could be easily recycled. But that alone wasn’t enough, it also needed to print high quality and feature brilliant colour reproduction at close viewing distances. UFabrik Backlit Eco does it all,” says Seath.

Graphic installations

Artworks Solutions runs a large in-house installation department that has four in-house fitting teams. It also works with numerous trusted contractors as on any single day, it can have up to 12 teams out in the field installing work. The Dublin installation was more demanding than most. Delivered during Lockdown and on the back of Brexit, it had a unique set of associated challenges with logistics and travel restrictions. In total, it took 2 months to install  – with an interchangeable crew of six including two permanent mainstays, providing consistency throughout to get the job done.

Ireland and beyond   

The company is currently in the design, planning and production stages for additional worldwide offices in Edinburgh, New York, Los Angles, St Juliens, Malta, and Toronto. Exclusive Arkutex brands from CMYUK will be used for all these projects.

In this first quarter, Artworks Solutions has recorded record figures, the best in its company history. It has a strong forward order book spanning a diverse client base and driving expansion across all areas of its business. The continued and increasing use of innovative eco materials from CMYUK that includes UFabrik, Kavalan, and PONGS®Descor® will be an essential feature. 

Seath concludes, “Part of our business strategy has been to move our larger volume substrates across to more environmentally friendly alternatives. The CMYUK portfolio of surface textiles has made this a viable option with materials that not only print well but are in line with our clients’ price expectations and sustainability demands.”

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