CMYUK launches JWEI JCUT family of digital cutting table systems

Unparalleled features with aspirational calibre cutting and finishing performance at unbelievable prices – exclusively from CMYUK

Robin East (L), CMYUK Group Commercial Director; Snow Lin, founder and CEO Jingwei Systemtechnik (JWEI); Jon Price, CMYUK Group Finance and Operations Director
Robin East (L), CMYUK Group Commercial Director; Snow Lin, founder and CEO Jingwei Systemtechnik (JWEI); Jon Price, CMYUK Group Finance and Operations Director

CMYUK has added the JWEI JCUT digital cutting system to its production equipment portfolio. A vanguard of innovative disruption, these tables offer accuracy, reliability, and an array of superior features at an investment level that has previously never been attainable.

Available in three sizes – 1600mm x 2500mm, 2100mm x 3100mm, 3200mm x 3000mm, the largest sized table supports super-wide digital printed textile cutting production in both the mid-range and premium industrial printer markets. This 3.2m wide model offers an aspirational solution commensurate with the capital equipment costs of mid-range printers. It is also designed to be the uncompromising and integral multi tool finishing component for those operating premium high-end industrial printer technologies.

Feature-rich as standard

JWEI JCUT offers unparalleled features with aspirational calibre cutting and finishing performance

JWEI JCUT offers unparalleled features with aspirational calibre cutting and finishing performance

Ambitious in its reach,  the JWEI JCUT has a feature set that is nothing short of audacious. This includes an automatic feeding conveyor, 1800kW liquid cooled router for powerful milling, Auto Tool Changer (ATC), Universal Cutting Tool (UCT), Kiss Cut Tool (KCT), Electric Oscillating Tool (EOT), Crease Wheel Tool (CWT), V-Cut Tool (VCT), and a modularised cutting head that accommodates up to 3 sets of tool combinations simultaneously.

Its bed is comprised of separate vacuum zones that secure materials and guarantee complete lay flat consistency for all substrates during production. Speed performance from this table is formidable too,  running up to 1200mm per second, the equivalent of 75m per minute, with a maximum acceleration point of 1G.

All tables are solidly engineered for stability, with the 3.2m wide model fitted with a carbon fibre reinforced gantry that ensures stable precision during super-wide intense production cycles.

Superior operating software

The JCUT range of tables are controlled by the powerful, easy to use OptiScout Vision controller software for accurate and fast automated cutting.

Individually configurable import filters ensure optimum preparation of the cut contours during importation. For example, open contours can be closed or optimised, or duplicates removed. Individual macros can be executed automatically before and after the import, to optimally feed data into the subsequent cutting process. The use of a CCD camera increases the precision of the output that compensates printing inaccuracies and thereby reduces waste. Flexible registration reliably processes even the most problematic of materials that are prone to distortion.

At the heart of ‘Production Process Automation’ is the material database that can be accessed at the job preparation stage, ensuring that the material and method are compatible for production, avoiding any errors early on.

OptiScout is supported by all industry leading RIPs, including Agfa Asanti, Aurelon PrintFactory, Cadlink, Caldera, ColorGATE, EFI, ErgoSoft PosterPrint / TexPrint, IGEPA MasterRip, ONYX, Pjannto, PosterJet, Prep-it, SAi, and Wasatch. It ensures the quick and reliable generation of all cut files.

Unprecedented prices

Prices for the JWEI JCUT range start from £64,995 + vat for the J-CUT PRO-1625 and £89,995 for the 3.2m J-CUT PRO-3230. All cutting tables come as standard including compressor, delivery, installation, operator and application training,18 months on-site warranty, Auto Tool Changer (holding up to 8 router bits), a range of tools including 1.8kw liquid cooled router, Universal Cutting Tool (UCT), Creasing Tool (CWT), Electric Oscillating Tool (EOT), V-Cut Tool (VCT) and Kiss Cut Tool (KCT). The solution also includes the OptiScout Vision controller software workstation.

CMYUK customer service

CMYUK’s renowned customer service infrastructure underpins the JWEI JCUT commercial proposition and offers a choice of extended warranties and service level agreements. Our in-house engineers provide installation, operator, and application training, ensuring customers utilise all functionality available from the equipment they have purchased. 

CMYUK also includes free lifetime training on equipment, on-going support and service. We also stock all consumables and spare parts to ensure quick availability.

“As an organisation, CMYUK has a great deal of technical knowledge and market intelligence regarding finishing and digital cutting. In our history, we have been very successful with both the Zund and Kongsberg brands and know the market sector intimately. We understand that many mid-range customers want the capabilities and versatility that these respected high-end brands offer. JWEI uniquely delivers this at an investment level like no other.  

“Now as the exclusive distributor of JWEI JCUT products in the UK and Ireland, we have the ability to democratise high end digital cutting capabilities.  We are extremely impressed with this established technology and are 100% confident that it will transform the digital cutting and finishing leader board – there is simply nothing like it,” said Robin East, Group Commercial Director, CMYUK.

JWEI – world class manufacturing

JWEI was founded in 1993 and following considerable commitment in R&D has become an industry leader in digital flatbed cutting systems. Its products are installed in over 100 countries and regions around the world.

The company is headquartered in the Ningbo National High-Tech Zone, an advanced manufacturing facility that was completed in 2021 representing an investment of more than 1 billion Yuan.

The build calibre and reliability of JWEI’s digital cutting technology, in concert with its focus on quality control and inspection processes has underpinned the company’s trusted international reputation. It has both ISO9001:2000 and CE certification, and an enviable accolade record that includes TOP 10 Software Enterprise, TOP 10 Innovative Enterprise, National Hi-Tech Enterprise, and Municipal Key Software Enterprise.

With an R&D team of 50+, JWEI continually strives to innovate and implement progressive improvements to its product offerings through successful collaboration with well-known global manufacturers.

Snow Lin, founder and CEO  Jingwei Systemtechnik (JWEI) said, “We are delighted to be working with CMYUK and recognise its considerable reputation and influence within the digital printing industry. As pioneers in our field, our goal is to achieve a technology revolution with perseverance. Our partnership with CMYUK places quality and customer satisfaction at the heart of our joint commercial endeavour.”

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