Clarity Software enables seamless integration of Innotech Digital product catalogue

Innotech Digital and Clarity Software have announced that Innotech’s complete product catalogue will be available for seamless integration into the Clarity Management Information System (MIS). Customers can now access key information on Innotech’s wide-format print media and display hardware range, such as pricing and specifications, seamlessly and with virtually no setup. This makes planning project costs and workflow management quicker and more accurate for Clarity users. 

Clarity is the leading MIS solution for sign-makers and print service providers. It manages all aspects of the business, from quotations, forecasts, operational workflow, invoicing and more. The Clarity MIS requires its users to enter pricing and product details from an array of suppliers. This is used to create the accurate and detailed cost management information the customers need to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability. 

Kieran Dallow, Group Marketing Manager for Innotech Digital, says, “We approached Clarity in 2022 to discuss integrating our pricing structures in the software to make it easier for customers to use the pricing in their existing systems. We particularly wanted to work with Clarity because it is one of the main MIS systems for the sign and graphics display market. Clarity was very positive and keen to get involved, and we have found the whole process very straightforward.”

Sam Yarnall, Sales and Marketing Director for Clarity Software Group, says, “When Innotech approached us, we could see how this would benefit both our companies and our customers. There is a clear synergy between us because our core markets are sign-makers and printers, and their product information is exactly what our customers need to access from the system. As well as streamlining the process of uploading supplier information into the MIS, this relationship allows companies that are not currently using Innotech products to compare key information with their existing suppliers easily, without having to add more supplier information.”

Clarity users have secure access to their own area of the Clarity website and can download the Innotech product information from there and directly import it into their MIS. This increases accuracy and saves customers a lot of time ensuring they have the latest information seamlessly integrated with their software systems. Clarity users that are not already Innotech customers will also be able to use this information to compare pricing and product specifications. 

Sam continues, “Working closely with a credible brand like Innotech, which has a broad product range and a solid supply chain, was an attractive proposition for Clarity. They are very closely aligned to our customers’ day-to-day operations, and we saw that it would be a huge benefit in terms of speed, simplicity and accuracy to integrate the Innotech product range and pricelist into our MIS.”

Kieran concludes, “Innotech is widely recognised as a fast supplier, and that speed of delivery in every area helps our customers outpace their competition and win more business. Our accurate information integrated with Clarity means printers’ estimating and admin times are drastically reduced. Having access to the complete product range also means they can quickly identify the best roll widths for minimal wastage, which also saves money. This is an excellent collaboration that is of real benefit to us, Clarity and all of our customers.”

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