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 How Sustainable is the Print Media You Use? Find Out with Innotech’s Eco Impact Rating Tool

Innotech Digital & Display has created an Eco Impact Rating Tool designed to give printed display producers and users a straightforward and accurate way to evaluate and compare any print material’s overall environmental impact.  The tool is available online and is very easy to use. Simply enter the information requested about your proposed media and instantly receive a rating from A to E that tells you exactly how sustainable that product is.

The tool uses five key areas of the media that contribute to its carbon footprint. These are production, transportation, how long it can be used for, recyclability and packaging. The information requested is non-sensitive and can be obtained from the supplier.  The rating generated comes with a detailed description of what the rating means.

Kieran Dallow, Marketing Manager for Innotech Digital, says, “Our industry has seen a really fast transition to sustainable materials, and for many printers and consumers there has been a steep learning curve. There are some bold statements made by suppliers and we wanted to give printers the chance to make more accurate decisions based on pure facts.  Our Eco Impact Tool can be used by anyone with access to the relevant information, generating a consistent rating that compares media products on a like-for-like basis.”

He adds, “We think the launch of this tool is a big moment in the transition to sustainable print materials.  It makes a complex job of picking the right material a simple one.”

The Innotech Eco Impact Rating Tool is available free to all users – follow the link here…

Kieran Dallow, Group Marketing Manager, Innotech Digital

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