UPDATE: IPIA heartened by investment in UK manufacturing’s future 

The business and manufacturing support policies announced in the Autumn Statement by the Chancellor are welcomed by the IPIA.

IPIA Chair, Charles Rogers, visited No 10 Downing Street on three occasions in 2023 in order to advocate for the UK print and paper industries
IPIA Chair, Charles Rogers, visited No 10 Downing Street on three occasions in 2023 in order to advocate for the UK print and paper industries

The policies should collectively work to relieve a degree of economic pressure and stimulate investment for the print and paper industries.

Chairman of the IPIA, Charles Rogers comments: “In particular, we are very heartened to see the confirmed announcement of £11bn investment per year in UK manufacturing – through making the ‘Full Expensing’ scheme permanent. This means that print industry businesses and the supply chain that invest in the UK will reduce their tax by up to 25p for every £1 they spend on plant and machinery.

“The IPIA has focused on advocacy for the extension and expansion of this specific policy since April 2023 – across multiple tiers of Government – and we are very hopeful this will strengthen market confidence and stimulate long-term sector growth.”

The IPIA also identified the following policy announcements as being potentially beneficial for the UK print and paper industries. Each it is hoped will contribute to strengthening the hand of UK manufacturing, and are inline with the calls from the IPIA for such stimulus policies:

– The £4.5bn investment in advanced manufacturing and green energy in the form of subsidies and grants

– New simplified research and development tax relief – combining the existing expenditure, credit and assembly schemes and a cut in tax by 6 percent for firms that make losses following research and development expenditure

– £50m in funding to increase support for business taking on apprentices – particularly in an engineering capacity

– One year extension to the existing 75 percent business rates relief for retail, hospitality and leisure (This will support a key breadbasket print buying sector and hopefully work to uncork marketing investment)

– A freeze on the small business multiplier for business rates

– A 2 percentage point cut to national insurance

Charles concludes: “Our work to advocate on behalf of the UK print and paper industries will continue. We urge any sector businesses that wish to provide feedback on trading conditions or the impact of Government policies to do so. This information is kept confidential and is passed directly to The Government Department for Business and Trade.”

To contact the IPIA please email: info@ipia.org.uk


Previous: Chancellor urged to heed calls for support and stimulus 

Following sustained and focused advocacy on behalf of the UK print and paper industries, the IPIA anticipated the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement and the announcement of expanded business tax relief.

Over the course of 2024, the IPIA has worked to educate central Government, The Department for Business and Trade (DBT), and the Treasury on the critical need for the expansion of Capital Allowances tax relief (also known as Full Expensing) – among a range of other structural and strategic support recommendations.

The policy allows companies to claim back 25p for every £1 invested in the UK –  significantly reducing the cost of machinery and supporting infrastructure investment. 

Charles Rogers, Chair of the IPIA comments: “The extension and expansion of business tax relief is critical to assisting with the long-term economic recovery of our industries. 

“The IPIA has consistently engaged with Government on multiple levels this year to make the case for print and paper – extolling its immense contribution to the economy, society and culture – while advocating for a package of strategic and structural support to support its long-term growth. 

“We hope, following extended consultation, that the Autumn Statement will confirm policies that will provide much needed business support and create longer-term stimulus.” 

IPIA industry advocacy activities included:

  • Weekly meetings have been held between the DBT and the IPIA; providing feedback directly from the industry on its economic performance and articulating the support required for it to grow.

  • A meeting between IPIA Chair, Charles Rogers, with special advisors to the Prime Minister took place in April at No10 ; where a print and paper economic stimulus brief was delivered and discussed.

  • Following this meeting, Charles Rogers was invited to attend a Business Leaders Reception at No10 in May with the Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden; impressing on him the critical importance of print and paper to the UK economy.

  • A delegation of representatives from the print and paper industries – including the IPIA and several of its Members – then took place at No 10 in July; where a roundtable discussion was held with a senior business and economics advisor to the Prime Minister on the contribution of print and paper to the UK economy and society – specifically technological innovation and sustainability. 

  • The IPIA’s economic stimulus brief was sent to the DBT by special advisors at No10 – where it was consulted on before being sent to the Treasury for funding consideration. 

  • The IPIA then sent a letter directly to the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt MP on October 30th urging expansion of the Capital Allowances tax relief policy – its top structural economic stimulus request. The receipt and consideration of the letter was confirmed by Government officials.

Charles concludes: “The level of engagement and proactive consideration of our support and stimulus recommendations has been heartening. We look forward to an Autumn Statement that hopefully provides the much-needed policies to provide relief in the short-term, and growth for the UK print and paper industries in 2024.” 

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