Category Finalists: Wrap – Full Colour Change

The prestigious “Wrap – Full Colour Change” award seeks to honour exceptional colour change transformations for vehicles, embracing a wide spectrum from bicycles to aeroplanes, yet also covering cars, vans, buses, and boats. Nominees stand out for their expertise in achieving striking and stylish full-colour changes, employing various films such as normal coloured films and wrap films. 

The nominees have all met the primary goal of these transformations in that they craft an impactful “custom effect,” with the central focus being on the custom wrap element. This award recognises those that have created original designs and demonstrated innovation in the use of film options. Their commitment to delivering a fresh and captivating “wow factor” is evident in each entry. The award recognises the dedication and ingenuity required to elevate a vehicle’s appearance through a comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing full-colour change wrap.

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Cube Branding use advance vinyl printing technology to revolutionise luxury by creating bespoke for wrap for Rolls Royce

Cube Branding’s mission to challenge luxury vehicle norms led them to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan as their canvas. Utilising cutting-edge technology, they meticulously design a custom colour, exuding sophistication synonymous with Rolls-Royce prestige. The final result, a testament to precision, showcases a delicate interplay of grey scales and shimmering silvers, replicating an ornate filigree pattern. Techniques like edge-sealing, material heating, and post-heating ensure a seamless fit, leaving no crease or bubble behind. The outcome is a captivating display, marrying traditional elegance with a painted-like finish, transforming the Rolls-Royce into an art form. This fusion exemplifies Cube Branding’s commitment to innovation and elevated standards, setting a benchmark in the vinyl wrap industry with the Rolls-Royce as their masterpiece.

Extreme Signs showcases customisation with a colour change on Jeep Wrangler

Extreme Signs proudly presents their expertise in customization through a striking colour transformation on a Jeep Wrangler. Collaborating with Jeep Southampton, they delved into the intricate process of altering the vehicle’s colour, pushing the boundaries of materials and technical proficiency. The project posed challenges, navigating the complexities of panel shapes, hinges, and the extensive paintwork. Every component, from doors to bumpers, roof, underwent meticulous disassembly, wrapping, and reassembly. Despite the assumption that removing the doors, a unique selling point for the Wrangler, would be straightforward, the team encountered unexpected complexities during re-installation. This venture not only highlighted Extreme Signs’ skill in customisation but also underscored the nuanced intricacies of working with iconic vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler.

N1 Visual gives BMW I8 complete colour flip with intricate cover precision

In transforming the BMW I8, N1 Visual undertook a comprehensive colour transformation, executing a complete flip with intricate precision in the cover application. The vehicle’s intricate bodywork demanded a meticulous approach, necessitating a full strip-down for optimal results. Changing the colour from white required precision down to every millimetre, ensuring flawless coverage. Knowing that wrapping a car demands careful attention to detail, N1 visual used accuracy for a high-quality outcome. Prior to application, the vehicle’s surface was diligently cleaned and prepared, guaranteeing proper adhesion. Careful consideration of the car’s contours and curves is essential during the application, with a focus on smoothing out any imperfections. This dedicated approach results in a visually appealing and enduring transformation.

Reforma CS use extensive skills to give Jaguar I-Pace E-Trophy Edition a stunning transformation

Reforma CS, employing their extensive skills, has undertaken a remarkable transformation of the Jaguar I-Pace E-Trophy Edition. The vehicle now boasts a striking new appearance with a full-color change wrap using 3M 2080 Satin Key West. Reforma CS applied cut graphics, de-chromed window and grille surrounds, badges, and installed rear window tints, along with fitting brand new wheels. The owner’s vision, inspired by an electric zero-emission international motor racing car, guided the project. The chosen satin finish not only provides a smooth and muted shine but also enhances the sleek look by accentuating the vehicle’s curves. The meticulous 12-stage wrapping process ensured a premium quality and detailed outcome, making this Jaguar I-Pace e-Trophy edition a head-turning masterpiece.

Roberts undertakes challenge to wrap New Holland T7.210 into a brand new black beauty

Roberts, a rural specialist in vehicle wrapping, boldly accepts the challenge to transform a standard blue New Holland T7.210 tractor into a sleek black beauty. The process involves a complete disassembly and reassembly in-house, with careful consideration of panel wrapping to ensure seamless flow and minimise future contamination risks. Harmonising with the New Holland’s contours, the team maximises vinyl potential without risking material failures. The final result boasts a murdered-out package, featuring a de-chromed front badge, custom graphics, and grey wheels paying homage to corn fields. The entire wrap receives stone guard protection, and a ceramic coat enhances and preserves the glossy black finish for the tractor’s rugged journeys down narrow country lanes.

Think Wraps achieves bold and distinctive look for Mercedes-Benz with metallic green wrap

Think Wraps successfully achieved a bold and distinctive appearance for a Mercedes-Benz enthusiast’s car by employing a metallic green vinyl wrap. The crucial task of selecting the perfect metallic green shade to complement the car’s design was met with the decision to go for a striking mint green metallic. Despite the inherent challenges of wrapping metallic materials, the experienced team navigated the process seamlessly, addressing unique considerations for the contoured bonnet and rear spoiler. The results were spectacular, transforming the Mercedes into a head-turning, one-of-a-kind vehicle with a high-quality finish that protected the original paint and enhanced aesthetic appeal. This achievement stands as a testament to Think Wraps’ skill and expertise in exceeding client expectations.

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