Category Finalists: Wayfinding Scheme

The Wayfinding scheme category acknowledges the successful implementation of a navigational system aligned with the architectural and environmental aesthetics of a project. The award recognises the subtle integration of this system with the brand, examining factors such as colour contrasts, viewing distances, and overall consistency. Nominees in this category have all showcased an understanding of the relationship between the surroundings and the system, emphasising how they harmonise with or complement each other.

All of the designs in this category are completely original, use a range of materials and are technically complex as well as having stylish design. All nominees have demonstrated innovation and creativity in a wide scope of work in order to meet the objectives of this category. Their designs are easy to follow, demonstrating ingenuity in practicality, design, and aesthetics to create stress-free wayfinding that blends in. Ultimately, these designs breathe life into the spaces they are in by helping their users feel at home.

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Allen Signs creates wayfinding system for The University of Lincoln’s new acquisition, Lawress Hall Campus

Tasked by the university, the project aimed to integrate a navigational solution within the expansive and renovated Lawress Hall situated in the scenic Riseholme Park. Originally built in 1994, the building underwent a comprehensive renovation, emphasising sustainability and modern functionality. The wayfinding system seamlessly combines directional functionality with the architectural aesthetics of the university building. Custom-designed wooden ladder signs, finger post signs, door plaques, and hanging area/divider signs were meticulously crafted from American White Oak, chosen for both durability and traditional elegance. The signage’s black gloss vinyl lettering provides legibility against the stained oak, offering a contemporary touch to the natural material. Discreet installation methods and careful consideration of materials contribute to the signage’s integration with Lawress Hall’s surroundings.

Astra Group devises wayfinding scheme for Shepton Mallet that brings the historic town’s stories to life and signposts visitors.

Astra Group has revitalised Shepton Mallet with a groundbreaking wayfinding scheme, coaxing visitors to rediscover the historic market town. Struggling against the gravitational pull of out-of-town retail, Shepton Mallet sought to celebrate its rich history. Astra Group’s solution weaves the town’s visual landmarks into a vibrant brand, using large map monoliths, mini monoliths, and wall-mounted signs. It was important to ensure the scheme’s compatibility with the town’s environment, embracing the “quirky and bold” elements of the 2D brand. The use of high-grade materials, including steel and aluminium, underscores durability and environmental responsibility. The strategically placed signs, with 3D brand features and captivating colours, successfully lure pedestrians to explore the historic centre, instilling the confidence to walk a little further.

Dlinexsign develop and install signage and wayfinding throughout for the Goodsyard

Dlinexsign, in collaboration with design agencies f.r.a. and Identity, undertook the development and installation of signage and wayfinding for The Goodsyard, a vibrant mixed-use development in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Xsign’s innovative approach embraced originality in design, utilising materials such as brass accents to enhance the industrial heritage. The wayfinding solution demonstrated compatibility with the conservation area, employing hand-applied gold leaf and painted textures to honour Birmingham’s artisan trades. Technical complexity met artistic finesse in fabricating and installing exterior signage, fingerposts, and wall-mounted directories. The monumental “GOODSYARD” mural, one of Birmingham’s largest, seamlessly integrated history and modernity. The Goodsyard’s comprehensive wayfinding scheme stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, historical respect, and innovative design.

DMA Signs challenged to design flexible wayfinding strategy for UCL Marshgate that transcends boundaries

DMA Signs recently faced the challenge of crafting a dynamic wayfinding strategy for UCL Marshgate, an integral part of the cutting-edge UCL East campus situated on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Tasked by lead design consultants Sheppard Robson to redefine traditional academic boundaries, DMA Signs meticulously examined the environment, traffic flow, and atmosphere. Leveraging site plans, meetings, and stakeholder engagement, the design team conceptualised a visitor-centric wayfinding methodology. Emphasising simplicity and clarity, they adopted everyday language and symbols to navigate the higher education sector’s potential naming complexities. The result is a collaborative, engaging space centred around a central atrium, complemented by a strategic colour-coded system and innovative signage solutions promoting inclusivity and efficient navigation.

Off The Wall Creative commissioned to provide wayfinding services for the iconic AO Arena in Manchester

Off The Wall Creative, a renowned provider of wayfinding services, recently undertook a significant commission from ASM Global to enhance the iconic AO Arena in Manchester. Tasked with crafting creative and aesthetically pleasing wayfinding signage while adhering to the established brand identity, the team embraced the challenge. Balancing creativity with practicality, they concentrated on a diverse range of sign types, maintaining consistency in colours, curved edges, fonts, and layouts. Legibility was a top priority, leading to extensive testing within the venue to ensure optimal visibility under various lighting conditions. The comprehensive in-house design, manufacturing, and installation process showcased Off The Wall Creative’s commitment to precision and efficiency, transforming the arena in a remarkable three-week timeframe.

Think Signs entrusted with wayfinding scheme design for Bournemouth University’s new library

Bournemouth University has chosen Think Signs as its dedicated signage supplier for the past five years. The university’s substantial growth and ongoing construction projects reflect its commitment to state-of-the-art facilities. Think Signs recently undertook a noteworthy project: designing comprehensive wayfinding signage for the newly established Sir Michael Cobham Library, a towering five-story structure. Entrusted with the task, Think Signs’ highly skilled artwork team created 85 different signs and vinyl graphics. Notably, floor directory signs featured an innovative design, crafted from aluminium as a single piece with CNC engraving, powder coating, and vinyl application. Precision was paramount, accommodating varying wall spaces on each floor. This collaboration underscores Think Signs’ commitment to delivering impactful signage solutions, positively enhancing Bournemouth University’s educational environment.

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