Category Finalists: Traditional Sign

The traditional sign category encompasses a diverse array of signs, illustrations, and murals, as well as 3D fabrication items that employ time-honoured handcrafted techniques in order to achieve a beautiful and unique design. This category includes companies engaged in creating illustrations or murals for buildings (both interior and exterior), hoardings, or similar substrates. The traditional methods are essential to the design process, such as hand lettering/rendering, airbrushing, hand carving, casting, guilding, metal leaf applications, and pinstriping. Additionally, traditional power tools may be employed but with the exception of CNC equipment.

Companies in this category are expected to demonstrate how effectively their designs integrate with their surroundings. Successful entries will showcase original, clean, and sharp work, displaying a mastery of colour and effects, along with technical proficiency and a sense of balance and flair. While a variety of techniques and methodologies may be employed, the nominees have all been able to articulate how these choices contributed to the overall design and traditional objectives. This category celebrates the marriage of traditional craftsmanship with innovative design thinking, yielding results that resonate harmoniously with their environments.

Apogee Print tasked with making a traditional sign using modern techniques for Nicholsons Pubs

Apogee Print, on a mission for Nicholsons Pubs, creatively fused tradition with modernity in crafting a distinctive and recognisable swing sign for The Bunch of Grapes in Bank, Central London. Working within budget, the team ingeniously utilised laser-cut 3mm aluminium, giving the sign a classic metalwork appearance with a satin black finish. The in-house-drawn artwork, inspired by a mood board, showcased creativity and uniqueness. The inner layer, crafted from 6mm acrylic, featured coloured tints and vinyl for a stained glass effect, ensuring dual-sided functionality. The sign, expertly bonded with secret black bolts for security, not only met budget limitations but seamlessly integrated with an existing bracket for convenient installation, showcasing both affordability and innovation.

Custom Signwriting brings to life AV Architects’ design for their office building in Cannock

Custom Signwriting skillfully brought AV Architects’ creative vision to life for their Cannock office building. Tasked by AV Architects, Custom Signwriting faced challenges in grasping the intricate design due to varying visuals and dimensions. Collaborating closely with Ged, the painter ensured a solid base for the design. Precision was crucial, aligning fixed lighting, patterns, and zebra stripes around windows, sills, and ornate smiting boards. Hand-painting became essential as masking tape risked pulling away the paint, demanding meticulous filling, priming, and repainting. The labour-intensive job extended into night hours, requiring 3 to 4 coats for perfection. Despite the hurdles, Custom Signwriting successfully navigated the maze of dimensions, concluding with pride in the exceptional end result.

Mack Signs design and complete new mural to convert Dublin Workday office into a lively and vibrant space.

Mack Signs, a dedicated team enamoured with the timeless craft of traditional signwriting and mural art, recently transformed a Dublin office into a lively space. Demonstrating their passion for traditional techniques, they produce high-quality, visually striking signs and murals that enhance neighbourhoods and make powerful statements. The team’s commitment to community connection is evident in their latest project for Workday offices in Dublin. In just 7 days, three skilled artists hand-painted a vibrant mural featuring iconic Dublin landmarks, turning a dull space into a lively and welcoming office environment. This masterpiece, a blend of Dublin’s rich history and modern charm, stands as a testament to Mack Signs’ commitment to delivering exceptional and eye catching results.

Goodwin & Goodwin asked to bring collaborative design between London Beefeater and artist Rachel Joy into a reality

Goodwin & Goodwin were commissioned to transform the collaborative vision of London Beefeater and artist Rachel Joy into reality. Tasked with bringing the latest limited-edition Beefeater Gin bottle design to life, the company worked diligently for just under three weeks. Handcrafting massive 1.8m high metal letters in their workshop posed a unique challenge due to the height, deep returns, and the requirement to support their weight with minimal visible fixings. The letters underwent meticulous painting with different colours, demanding precision to avoid overspray. Mounted on special stands to withstand potential challenges, the letters were installed outside King’s Cross station. Reflecting the iconic bottle design, the letters encourage exploration beyond landmarks, embodying “The Spirit of London” by showcasing its diverse communities.

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